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Jack the Giant Killer
Jack the Giant Killer 2013
Directed By Mark Atkins
Screenplay By Mark Atkins
Cast Ben Cross, Jane March, Jamie Atkins, Vicki Glover, Noel Ross
Produced By David Rimawi, Paul Bales, David Michael Latt
Cinematography By Mark Atkins
Music By Chris Ridenhour

The Asylum


United States



Release Date

March 12, 2013


87 Minutes

Distributed By

The Asylum


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  • Ben Cross as Agent Hinton
  • Jane March as Serena
  • Jamie Atkins as Jack Krutchens
  • Vicki Glover as Lisa Russell
  • Harry Dyer as Newald Krutchens
  • Tanya Winsor as Sharon Mason
  • Julian Boote as Nigel Mason
  • Jon Campling as Jess Walters
  • Steve McTigue as General O'Shauncey
  • Robert Boyle as Sergeant Jones
  • Noel Ross as Constable Milton
  • Nigel Peever as Oscar Madison



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