Jaws 2
Jaws 2
Directed By Jeannot Szwarc
Written By Howard Sackler, Carl Gottlieb
Cast Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton, Barry Coe
Produced By Richard D. Zanuck, David Brown
Film Editing By Arthur Schmidt, Neil Travis, Steve Potter
Cinematography By Michael Butler
Music By John Williams

United States



Release Date

June 16, 1978


116 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Universal Pictures

Budget $20,000,000
Gross $208,900,376



  • Roy Scheider as Chief Martin Brody
  • Lorraine Gary as Ellen Brody
  • Murray Hamilton as Mayor Larry Vaughn
  • Joseph Mascolo as Len Peterson
  • Jeffrey Kramer as Deputy Jeff Hendricks
  • Collin Wilcox as Dr. Lureen Elkins
  • Ann Dusenberry as Tina Wilcox
  • Mark Gruner as Michael Brody
  • Barry Coe as Tom Andrews
  • Susan French as Grace Witherspoon
  • Gary Springer as Andy Williams
  • Donna Wilkes as Jackie Peters
  • Gary Dubin as Eddie Marchand
  • John Dukakis as Paul 'Polo' Loman
  • G. Thomas Dunlop as Timmy Weldon
  • David Elliott as Larry Vaughn Jr.
  • Marc Gilpin as Sean Brody
  • Keith Gordon as Doug Fetterman
  • Fritzi Jane Courtney as Mrs. Taft
  • Cynthia Grover as Lucy
  • Ben Marley as Patrick
  • Martha Swatek as Marge
  • Billy Van Zandt as Bob
  • Gigi Vorgan as Brooke Peters
  • Jerry M. Baxter as Helicopter Pilot
  • Christine Freeman as Terri
  • Jean Coulter as Boat Driver
  • Herb Muller as Phil Fogerty



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