John Dies at the End
John Dies at the End
Directed By Don Coscarelli
Written By Don Coscarelli
Cast Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes, Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown
Produced By Brad Baruh, Don Coscarelli, Andy Meyers, Roman Perez
Film Editing By Don Coscarelli, Donald Milne
Cinematography By Mike Gioulakis
Music By Brian Tyler

Silver Sphere, M3 Creative, Touchy Feely Films


United States



Release Date

January 25, 2013


100 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Magnet Releasing

Budget $1,000,000



  • Chase Williamson as David Wong
  • Rob Mayes as John Cheese
  • Paul Giamatti as Arnie Blondestone
  • Clancy Brown as Dr. Albert Marconi
  • Glynn Turman as Detective Appleton
  • Doug Jones as Roger North
  • Daniel Roebuck as Largeman
  • Jimmy Wong as Fred Chu
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Korrok
  • Angus Scrimm as Father Shellnut
  • Jonny Weston as Justin White
  • Fabianne Therese as Amy Sullivan
  • Tai Bennett as Robert Marley
  • Allison Weissman as Shelly Morris
  • Ethan Erickson as Sergeant McElroy
  • Riley Rose Critchlow as Girl with Rastafarian
  • Brett Wagner as Reanimated Dead Guy
  • Helena Mehalis as Dr. Marconi Assistant
  • Maria Mehalis as Dr. Marconi Assistant
  • Cesare Gagliardoni as Meat Monster
  • Headmaster Ernesto as Meat Monster Voice (voice)
  • Michael Q. Schmidt as Mmm Bacon
  • Jennifer MacKenzie as They China Food! Waitress
  • David Hill as Officer Johnson
  • Steve Crest as Officer Steve
  • Cole Coleman as Alien
  • Jamie Goucher as Rasta



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