John Q
John Q 2002
Directed By Nick Cassavetes
Written By James Kearns
Cast Denzel Washington, Ray Liotta, James Woods
Produced By Mark Burg
Film Editing By Dede Allen
Cinematography By Roger Stoffers
Music By Aaron Zigman

Evolution Entertainment


United States



Release Date

February 15, 2002


116 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

New Line Cinema

Budget $36,000,000
Gross $102,244,770



  • Denzel Washington as John Archibald
  • Kimberly Elise as Denise Archibald
  • Daniel E. Smith as Michael "Mike" Archibald
  • James Woods as Dr. Raymond Turner
  • Anne Heche as Rebecca Payne
  • Robert Duvall as Lt. Frank Grimes
  • Ray Liotta as Chief Gus Monroe
  • Shawn Hatosy as Mitch Quigley
  • Heather Wahlquist as Julie Bird
  • David Thornton as Jimmy Palumbo
  • Laura Harring as Gina Palumbo
  • Troy Beyer as Miriam Smith
  • Kevin Connolly as Steve Maguire
  • Troy Winbush as Steve Smith
  • Vanessa Branch as Nurse
  • Eddie Griffin as Lester Matthews
  • Martha Chaves as Rosa Gonzales
  • Larissa Laskin as Dr. Ellen Klein
  • Ethan Suplee as Guard Max Conlin
  • Obba Babatunde as Sgt. Moody
  • Paul Johansson as Tuck Lampley
  • Dina Waters as Debby Utley
  • Keram Malicki-Sanchez as Freddy B.
  • Stephanie Moore as Admitting Nurse
  • Gabriela Oltean as Beautiful BMW Driver



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