Jon Umber
Jon Umber - GoT
General Information

Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Race Human
TV Show Game of Thrones
Credit Clive Mantle


Jon Umber is a northern lord and a bannerman of House Stark. He is a huge man, for which he is better known as the Greatjon.


Major Plots

When Robb Stark calls his bannermen to Winterfell, Jon Umber argues that he should lead the vanguard; when Robb refuses him, Umber threatens to march his men home. Robb calmly permits him to do this, but promises that when he returns the Greatjon will be hanged as an oathbreaker. Enraged, Lord Umber starts to pull a blade, when Robb's direwolf Grey Wind jumps him and bites two of his fingers off. Robb remarks that his bannerman was probably only going to use the blade to cut Robb's meat for him, and Umber answers that Robb's meat "is bloody tough". The Greatjon, Robb and the entire hall unite in laughter. After this incident the Greatjon becomes one of Robb's staunchest supporters, and it is his idea for the North to make itself independent from the rest of the seven kingdoms, like olden times, and to proclaim Robb the King in the North.

Personality and Traits



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