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Journey to Promethea
Journey to Promethea
Directed By Daniel Garcia
Written By Daniel Garcia
Cast Billy Zane, Louis Herthum, James DuMont, Jessica Heap
Produced By Michael Thompson, Danie Garcia
Cinematography By John Lands
Music By Andrew Markus

DMG Holdings, Most Wanted Films


United States



Release Date


Distributed By

American World Pictures (AWP), Phase 4 Films, Most Wanted Films



  • Billy Zane as King Laypach
  • Scott L. Schwartz as Kronin
  • Louis Herthum as Ari
  • Jessica Heap as Aria
  • James DuMont as Arden
  • Sam Murphy as Magnus
  • Marcelle Baer as Harin
  • Drew Battles as Grado
  • Gabe Begneaud as Draden
  • Debby Gaudet as Esmae
  • Judy Henderson as Thea
  • Natacha Itzel as Derja
  • Caleb Michaelson as Binon
  • Jill Miller as Emiline
  • Lacey Minchew as Sina
  • Drew Rin Varick as Gydro
  • Danielle Davis as Sheefa



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