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Joy Ride
Joy Ride 2001
Directed By John Dahl
Written By J.J. Abrams, Clay Tarver
Cast Paul Walker, Steve Zahn, Leelee Sobieski, Ted Levine
Produced By J.J. Abrams, Chris Moore
Film Editing By Eric L. Beason, Todd E. Miller, Glen Scantlebury, Scott Chestnut
Cinematography By Jeff Jur
Music By Marco Beltrami

Regency Enterprises, Bad Robot Productions, New Regency, LivePlanet


United States



Release Date

October 5, 2001


97 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

20th Century Fox

Budget $23,000,000
Gross $36,642,838



  • Steve Zahn as Fuller Thomas
  • Paul Walker as Lewis Thomas
  • Leelee Sobieski as Venna Wilcox
  • Jessica Bowman as Charlotte Dawson
  • Matthew Kimbrough as Rusty Nail
  • Ted Levine as Rusty Nail (voice)
  • Stuart Stone as Danny
  • Brian Leckner as Officer Keeney
  • Jim Beaver as Sheriff Ritter
  • Hugh Dane as Man at Door
  • Jay Hernandez as Marine



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