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Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead
Joy Ride 2 Dead Ahead
Directed By Louis Morneau
Written By James Robert Johnston, Bennett Yellin
Cast Nicki Aycox, Laura Jordan, Kyle Schmid, Nick Zano
Produced By Connie Dolphin
Film Editing By Mike Jackson
Cinematography By Scott Williams, Robert C. New
Music By Joe Kraemer

United States



Release Date

October 7, 2008


91 Minutes

Distributed By

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment



  • Nicki Aycox as Melissa
  • Nick Zano as Bobby
  • Laura Jordan as Kayla
  • Kyle Schmid as Nik
  • Mark Gibbon as Rusty Nail
  • Krystal Vrba as Lot Lizard
  • Kathryn Kirkpatrick as Jolene
  • Rebecca Davis as Woman Stuck in Snow
  • Daniel Boileau as Bald Trucker
  • Mackenzie Gray as Bartender



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