The Judge
Directed By David Dobkin
Written By Nick Schenk, David Seidler, Bill Dubuque
Cast Robert Downey Jr, Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Duvall
Produced By Susan Downey, David Dobkin, David Gambino
Film Editing By Mark Livolsi
Cinematography By Janusz Kaminski
Music By Thomas Newman

Village Roadshow Pictures, Team Downey, Big Kid Pictures


United States



Release Date

October 10, 2014

Distributed By

Warner Bros.


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  • Robert Downey, Jr. as Hank Palmer
  • Robert Duvall as Judge Joseph Palmer
  • Vera Farmiga as Samantha
  • Vincent D'Onofrio as Glen Palmer
  • Jeremy Strong as Dale Palmer
  • Billy Bob Thornton as Dwight Dickham
  • Sarah Lancaster as Lisa Palmer
  • Emma Tremblay as Lauren Palmer
  • Ken Howard as Judge Warren
  • Leighton Meester as Carla
  • Melissa Leo as Margaret Stevens
  • Dax Shepard
  • Sarah Lancaster as Lisa
  • Balthazar Getty as Deputy Hanson
  • Grace Zabriskie as Mrs. Blackwell
  • Matt Riedy as Sheriff White
  • Ian Nelson as Eric


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