The Kentucky Fried Movie
The Kentucky Fried Movie
This movie is totally out of control!
Directed By John Landis
Written By David Zucker, Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams
Cast Bill Bixby, George Lazenby, Evan C. Kim, Henry Gibson
Produced By Kim Jorgensen, Larry Kostroff, Robert K. Weiss
Film Editing By George Folsey Jr.
Cinematography By Robert E. Collins, Stephen M. Katz
Music By Igo Kantor

KFM Films, Kentucky Fried Theatre


United States



Release Date

August 10, 1977


83 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Anchor Bay Entertainment, United Film Distribution

Budget $650,000
Gross $20,000,000



  • Marilyn Joi as Cleopatra Schwartz
  • Saul Kahan as Schwartz
  • David Zucker as Man, Technician #2, Grunwald
  • Marcy Goldman as Housewife
  • Joseph G. Medalis as Paul Burmaster
  • Barry Dennen as Claude LaMont
  • Robert Starr as Rex Kramer
  • Jim Abrahams as Technician #1, Announcer, Other Roles
  • Jerry Zucker as Technician #3, Man, Beaver, Hands
  • Anne Crawford as Mother
  • Bob Harland as Father
  • Michael Harland as Son
  • Mary Harland as Daughter
  • George Lazenby as The Architect
  • Victoria Carroll as The Nurse
  • Jack Roberts as The Governor
  • Donald Sutherland as The Clumsy Waiter
  • Newell Alexander as The Firechief
  • Henry Gibson as Himself
  • Roberta Kent as Mrs. Hefsteder
  • Christopher Hanks as Johnny
  • Bill Bixby as Himself
  • Janice Kent as Barbara Duncan
  • Michael Laurence as Frank Bowman
  • Larry Curran as Tom Leclair
  • Mike Hanks as Ron Butler
  • William Tregoe as John Fitzsimmons
  • Eloise Hardt as Sheila Hamilton
  • Rick Baker as Dino
  • Lenka Novak as Linda Chambers
  • Betsy Genson as Nancy Reems
  • Nancy Mann as Susan Joyce
  • Stephen Bishop as Charming Guy
  • Gwen Van Dam as Mrs. Burke
  • Felix Silla as Crazed Clown
  • Boni Enten as Rita Filagree
  • Dick Yarmy as Taylor
  • Michael McManus as Hornung
  • Ross Durfee as Judge
  • Stephen Stucker as Stenographer
  • Tony Dow as Wally
  • Jackie Kaufman as Pretty Girl
  • Manny Perry as Big Jim Slade
  • Eric Micklewood as Asquith
  • Derek Murcott as Pennington
  • Evan C. Kim as Loo
  • Agneta Eckemyr as Ming Chow
  • Bong Soo Han as Dr. Klahn
  • Ingrid Wang as Ada Gronick
  • Nathan Jung as Bulkus
  • Dovie Beams as Concubine
  • Peggy Doyle as Auntie Em
  • Gary Gayle as Nin Chuk Killer
  • Maria Adams as Klahn's Harem
  • Young Hwang as Klahn's Harem
  • Sheila Tan as Klahn's Harem
  • Eileen Lum as Klahn's Harem
  • Evelyn Louato as Klahn's Harem
  • Oanh Samora as Klahn's Harem
  • John Landis as TV Technician Thrown by Gorilla
  • Lance LeGault as Toy Robot
  • Tina Louise as Woman in Feel-O-Rama Movie
  • Leslie Nielsen as Man in Feel-O-Rama Movie



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