Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran super
General Information

Gender Male
Race Human
TV Show Supernatural
Credit Osric Chau


From Neighbor, Michigan, Kevin Tran was a gifted student who was an AP honors student and a master at the cello. Being raised by his mother (who represents the stereotypical Tiger Mom), he was on his way to a prestigious college. He had a dream of becoming the first Asian American president of the United States.


Major Plots

Season 7

While studying for his exams and then playing the cello, lightning strikes Kevin inside in his own home. At the same time, Dean and Sam are breaking a stone that reveal a tablet. This is why Kevin got strike by lightning and led to his awakening as a prophet.

While the angels of Castiel's old garrison take Kevin to meet his mother, one of Dick Roman's men, Edgar, kills the angels. Afterwards, Edgar kidnaps Kevin and his mother where Dick forces Kevin to read the tablet by threatening to kill his mother.

Season 8

After Dean and Roman are in Purgatory, Kevin has been on the run ever since. He tries to stay in contact, but Sam never answers. Later on, Kevin is track down by Dean and Sam who arrange a safe house. Garth has a ship where Kevin would do research. Kevin fears for his life because of his traumatic experiences with Crowley who took his mother away.

Season 9

Kevin researches to find a way to undo Metatron's spell and get the Angels back into heaven. However, Gadreel (who controls Sam's body) smites Kevin, killing him. Later, Kevin manages to materialize as a ghost. He has been asking the ghosts to pass messages in order to find his mother. Since heaven has shut down, he cannot pass away. He asks Dean and Sam to find a woman in the woods who knows his mother. Eventually, Sam and Dean rescues Kevin's mother. Linda figures out how Kevin's ghost is alive because of his father's ring. Linda takes Kevin's ring with her. Before leaving Sam and Dean, Kevin tells them to suck it up. He wants them to put aside their differences and appreciate that they are alive. They should consider themselves lucky since Linda is taking her dead son.

Personality and Traits

Trivia & Quotes

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