Kickin' It Old Skool
Kickin' It Old Skool
Directed By Harvey Glazer
Written By Trace Slobotki, Josh Siegal, Dylan Morgan
Cast Jamie Kennedy, Michael Rosenbaum, Maria Menounos
Produced By Phillip Glasser, Bob Yari, Jamie Kennedy, John J. Hermansen
Film Editing By Sandy S. Solowitz
Cinematography By Robert M. Stevens
Music By James L. Venable

Jizzy Entertainment, Hi-Def Entertainment, Bob Yari Productions, Kickin' it Old Skool Productions


United States



Release Date

April 27, 2007


108 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Yari Film Group

Budget $25,700,000



  • Jamie Kennedy as Justin "Rocketshoe" Schumacher
  • Alexander Calvert as Young Justin
  • Maria Menounos as Jennifer
  • Alexia Fast as Young Jennifer
  • Miguel A. Nunez Jr. as Darnell "Prince Def Rock" Jackson
  • J.R. Messado as Young Darnell
  • Michael Rosenbaum as Kip
  • Taylor Beaumont as Young Kip
  • Christopher McDonald as Marty Schumacher
  • Debra Jo Rupp as Sylvia Schumacher
  • Bobby Lee as Aki "Chilly Chill" Terasaki
  • Hanson Ng as Young Aki
  • Aris Alvarado as Hector "Popcorn" Jimenez
  • Anthony Grant as Young Hector
  • Alan Ruck as Dr. Frye
  • Jesse Brown as Cole
  • David Hasselhoff as Himself
  • Vivica A. Fox as Roxanna Jackson
  • Emmanuel Lewis as Himself
  • Kira Clavell as Yun
  • Regan Oey as Kid in Toy Store
  • Harvey Glazer as Chimichanga
  • Michael Hanus as Gay Dude
  • Anna Dillman as Gina
  • Emily Scorse as Girl #1 at Dance School
  • Brooklyn Chang as Girl #2 at Dance School
  • Leah Cairns as Woman at Table



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