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Kids 1995
Directed By Larry Clark
Screenplay By Harmony Korine
Cast Leo Fitzpatrick, Chloe Sevigny, Justin Pierce, Rosario Dawson
Produced By Christine Vachon, Gus Van Sant, Cary Woods, Cathy Konrad
Film Editing By Christopher Tellefsen
Cinematography By Eric Edwards
Music By Lou Barlow

Independent Pictures, Killer Films, Miramax Films, Shining Excalibur Films


United States



Release Date

July 28, 1995


91 Minutes

Distributed By

Buena Vista Pictures

Budget $1,500,000
Gross $20,412,216


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  • Leo Fitzpatrick as Telly
  • Justin Pierce as Casper
  • Chloe Sevigny as Jennie
  • Rosario Dawson as Ruby
  • Jon Abrahams as Steven
  • Harold Hunter as Harold
  • Harmony Korine as Fidget
  • Yakira Peguero as Darcy
  • Billy Waldman as Zack
  • Julia Mendoza as Susan
  • Jeff Pang as Jeff
  • Savannah Katsaros as Buddah
  • Hamilton Harris as Hamilton



Kids (1995) Official Trailer 1 - Larry Clark Drama HD01:47

Kids (1995) Official Trailer 1 - Larry Clark Drama HD

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