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Kill Kill Faster Faster
Kill Kill Faster Faster
Directed By Gareth Maxwell Roberts
Screenplay By Gareth Maxwell Roberts, Joel Rose
Cast Gil Bellows, Lisa Ray, Esai Morales, Shaun Parkes
Produced By Gil Bellows, Carlo Dusi, John Pantages, Gareth Maxwell Roberts
Film Editing By Raimondo Aiello, Rachel Tunnard
Cinematography By Ruzbeh Babol
Music By Mike Benn

Aria Films


United States, Netherlands



Release Date

April 16, 2008


97 Minutes

Distributed By

Galloping Films, Kaleidoscope



  • Gil Bellows as Joey
  • Lisa Ray as Fleur
  • Esai Morales as Markie
  • Shaun Parkes as Clinique
  • Dona Croll as Birdie
  • Moneca Delain as Kimba
  • Stephen Lord as Jarvis
  • Jane Peachey as Serena
  • Saskia Troccoli as Sasha
  • Viv Weatherall as Nicky Roman
  • Liza Sips as Lolita
  • Godwin Logye as Dobbins
  • Jason Anthony Griffith as Cassius



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