Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Directed By Stephen Chiodo
Written By Charles Chiodo, Stephen Chiodo
Cast Grant Cramer, John Vernon, Suzanne Snyder, Royal Dano
Produced By Charles Chiodo, Edward Chiodo, Stephen Chiodo
Film Editing By Christopher Roth
Cinematography By Alfred Taylor
Music By John Massari

Chiodo Brothers Productions, Sarlui / Diamant


United States



Release Date

May 27, 1988


88 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Media Home Entertainment, MGM Home Entertainment, Trans World Entertainment (TWE)

Budget $2,000,000
Gross $43,625,095


While Making out under the stars, a teenage couple sees a meteorite crash nearby. They go to investigate, but instead of finding the meteorite they find a circus tent. They go inside and discover that it's really a spaceship filled with a army of aliens that look like clowns who are killing people. They try to warn the authorities, but cannot get anyone to believe them.


  • Grant Cramer as Mike Tobacco
  • Suzanne Snyder as Debbie Stone
  • John Allen Nelson as Dave Hanson
  • John Vernon as Curtis Mooney
  • Michael Siegel as Rich Terenzi
  • Peter Licassi as Paul Terenzi
  • Royal Dano as Farmer Gene Green
  • Christopher Titus as Bob McReed
  • Irene Michaels as Stacy
  • Karla Sue Krull as Tracy
  • Michael Halton as Slug
  • Lucinda Burgess as Sheila
  • Steve Rockhold as Killer Klown
  • Michael Harrington Burris as Killer Klown
  • Geno Ponza as Killer Klown
  • Scott Beatty as Killer Klown
  • Paul Haley as Killer Klown
  • Dennis C. Walsh as Killer Klown
  • Genie Houdini as Killer Klown
  • Harrod Blank as Killer Klown
  • Karl Shaeffer as Killer Klown
  • Paul Parsons as Killer Klown
  • Jimmy Locust as Killer Klown
  • Mitch Bryan as Killer Klown
  • Greg Sykes as Killer Klown
  • Charles Chiodo as Klownzilla