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King of New York
King of New York
Directed By Abel Ferrara
Written By Nicholas St. John
Cast Christopher Walken, Wesley Snipes, Laurence Fishburne
Produced By Augusto Caminito, Mary Kane
Film Editing By Anthony Redman
Cinematography By Bojan Bazelli
Music By Joe Delia

Italy, United States



Release Date

September 22, 1990


106 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Seven Arts Pictures, New Line Cinema

Gross $2,554,476



  • Christopher Walken as Frank White
  • Larry Fishburne as Jimmy Jump
  • David Caruso as Dennis Gilley
  • Victor Argo as Roy Bishop
  • Janet Julian as Jennifer
  • Wesley Snipes as Thomas Flanigan
  • Steve Buscemi as Test Tube
  • Paul Calderon as Joey Dalesio
  • Giancarlo Esposito as Lance
  • Theresa Randle as Raye
  • Frank Adonis as Paul Calgari
  • Harold Perrineau as Subway Mugger



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