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King of the Ants
King of the Ants
Directed By Stuart Gordon
Screenplay By Charlie Higson
Cast Daniel Baldwin, Kari Wuhrer, Chris McKenna, George Wendt
Produced By David Michael Latt, Duffy Hecht
Film Editing By David Michael Latt
Cinematography By Mac Ahlberg
Music By Bobby Johnston

Red Hen Productions, Anthill Productions, The Asylum, Hecht Productions


United States



Release Date

June 11, 2003


101 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

The Asylum



  • Chris McKenna as Sean Crawley
  • Kari Wuhrer as Susan Gatley
  • George Wendt as Duke Wayne
  • Vernon Wells as Beckett
  • Lionel Mark Smith as Carl
  • Timm Sharp as George
  • Daniel Baldwin as Ray Matthews
  • Carissa Kosta as Maureen
  • Briana Beghi as Maureen's Daughter
  • Carlie Westerman as Catlin Gatley
  • Ian Patrick Williams as Tony
  • Shuko Akune as Meade Park
  • Steve Heller as Gary



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