Knight Rider 2000
Knight Rider 2000
Directed By Alan J. Levi
Written By Rob Hedden, Glen A. Larson
Cast David Hasselhoff, Christine Healy, Carmen Argenziano
Produced By Michele Brustin, Rob Hedden, Charles Sellier
Film Editing By Barry B. Leirer
Cinematography By Billy Dickson
Music By Jan Hammer

Charles E. Sellier Productions, River Rock Productions, Universal Television


United States



Release Date

May 19, 1991


91 Minutes

Distributed By


Budget $6,500,000



  • David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight
  • Christine Healy as Commissioner Ruth Daniels
  • Carmen Argenziano as Russell Maddock, KIFT
  • Mitch Pileggi as Thomas J. Watts
  • Lou Beatty Jr. as Mayor Harold Abbey
  • Chris Bonno as Andrew
  • Megan Butler as Officer Marla Hedges
  • Robert F. Cawley as Prison Guard
  • Eugene Clark as Officer Kurt Miller
  • William Daniels as KITT (voice)
  • James Doohan as Himself
  • Francis Guinan as Dr. Jeffrey Glassman
  • Philip Hafer as Charlie
  • Carolyn G. Jackson as Bag Lady
  • Ron Jackson as Highway Police Officer
  • Stacy Lundgren as Sandy
  • Matthew Menger as Shawn's Father
  • Paul Menzel as Businessman
  • J.W. Moore IV as Medical Technician
  • Edward Mulhare as Devon Miles
  • Edwin Neal as Warehouse Clerk
  • John Cannon Nichols as Lieutenant Justin Strand
  • Susan Norman as Officer Shawn McCormick
  • Marco Perella as Police Sergeant
  • Ellis Posey as Mayor Frank Cottam
  • Larry Roop as Police Officer
  • Lori Swierski as Lori



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