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Kung Fu Hustle
Kung Fu Hustle
Directed By Stephen Chow
Written By Stephen Chow, Huo Xin, Tsang Kan-cheung, Chan Man-keung
Cast Stephen Chow, Yuen Wah, Danny Chan, Eva Huang
Produced By Chui Po-chu, Jeffrey Lau, Stephen Chow
Film Editing By Angie Lam
Cinematography By Poon Hang-sang
Music By Raymond Wong

China Film Group, Taihe Film Investment, Beijing Film Studio, Star Overseas


Hong Kong



Release Date

December 23, 2004


98 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Sony Pictures Classics, Columbia Pictures

Budget $20,000,000
Gross $100,914,445



  • Stephen Chow as Sing
  • Danny Chan as Brother Sum
  • Yuen Wah as the Landlord of Pig Sty Alley
  • Yuen Qiu as the Landlady of Pig Sty Alley
  • Bruce Leung as The Beast
  • Xing Yu as The Coolie
  • Chiu Chi-ling as Fairy
  • Dong Zhihua as Donut
  • Lam Chi-chung as Bone
  • Eva Huang as Fong
  • Tin Kai-Man as Brother Sum's Adviser
  • Yuen Cheung-yan as The Beggar
  • Feng Xiaogang as Leader of the Crocodile Gang



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