Kung Pow! Enter the Fist
Kung Pow Enter the Fist
Directed By Steve Oedekerk
Written By Steve Oedekerk
Cast Steve Oedekerk, Jennifer Tung, Leo Lee, Fei Lung
Produced By Steve Oedekerk
Film Editing By Paul Marshal
Cinematography By John J. Connor
Music By Robert Folk

O Entertainment


United States



Release Date

January 25, 2001


81 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

20th Century Fox

Budget $10,000,000
Gross $16,033,556



  • Steve Oedekerk as The Chosen One
  • Hui Lou Chen as Master Tang
  • Fei Lung as Master Pain
  • Leo Lee as Young Master Pain
  • Ling Ling Tse as Ling
  • Lin Yan as Dying Ling
  • Lau-Kar Wing as Wimp Lo
  • Jennifer Tung as Whoa
  • Chi Ma as Master Doe
  • Tad Horino as Chew Fat Lip
  • Nasty Nes as Boombox Henchman
  • Ming Lo as Father
  • Peggy Lu as Mother
  • Tori Tran as Peasant Woman
  • Simon Rhee as Young Master Pain's Henchman
  • Philip Tan as Grilled Face Fighter
  • Chad Stahelski as Masked Fighter
  • Michael Li as Stick Fighter #1
  • Jen Sung as Stick Fighter #2
  • Al Goto as Stick Fighter #3
  • Will Leong as Stick Fighter #4
  • Elsa Cancino as Bikini Fighter
  • Paulina Guerrero as Chosen One's Sister
  • Emanuel Kohakura as Chosen One's Brother
  • Alejandro Olazabal as Chosen One Baby
  • Chun Lei as Hu He Shuang Xing Cast
  • Hou-Chiang Chi as Hu He Shuang Xing Cast
  • Sung Chao Yu as Hu He Shuang Xing Cast
  • Ho Wu as Hu He Shuang Xing Cast