The Last Airbender
The Last Airbender
Directed By M. Night Shyamalan
Written By M. Night Shyamalan
Cast Noah Ringer, Nicola Peltz, Aasif Mandvi, Dev Patel
Produced By Frank Marshall, Sam Mercer, M. Night Shyamalan
Film Editing By Conrad Buff
Cinematography By Andrew Lesnie
Music By James Newton Howard

Nickelodeon Movies, Blinding Edge Pictures, The Kennedy/Marshall Company


United States



Release Date

July 2, 2010


103 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Paramount Pictures

Budget $150,000,000
Gross $319,713,881



  • Noah Ringer as Aang
  • Dev Patel as Prince Zuko
  • Nicola Peltz as Katara
  • Jackson Rathbone as Sokka
  • Shaun Toub as Uncle Iroh
  • Aasif Mandvi as Commander Zhao
  • Seychelle Gabriel as Princess Yue
  • Cliff Curtis as Fire Lord Ozai
  • Summer Bishil as Princess Azula
  • Francis Guinan as Master Pakku
  • Randall Duk Kim as Old Man in Temple
  • Isaac Jin Solstein as Earth Bending Boy
  • Keong Sim as Earthbending Father
  • John Noble as Dragon Spirit
  • Manu Narayan as Fire Nation Head Prison Guard
  • Ted Oyama as Kyoshi Villager
  • Ritesh Rajan as Fire Nation Soldier
  • Jessica Andres as Suki



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