The Legend of Boggy Creek
The Legend of Boggy Creek
Directed By Charles B. Pierce
Written By Earl E. Smith
Cast William Stumpp, Dave Ball, Chuck Pierce Jr, Flo Pierce
Produced By Charles B. Pierce
Film Editing By Tom Boutross
Cinematography By Charles B. Pierce
Music By Jaime Mendoza-Nava

United States



Release Date

December 6, 1972


85 Minutes

Rating G
Distributed By

Howco International Pictures

Budget $160,000
Gross $20,000,000



  • Chuck Pierce, Jr. as Young Jim
  • William Stumpp as Adult Jim
  • Willie E. Smith as Willie
  • Buddy Crabtree as James Crabtree
  • Jeff Crabtree as Fred Crabtree
  • Judy Baltom as Mary Beth Searcy
  • Mary B. Johnson as Mary Beth's Sister
  • George Dobson as George
  • Dave Ball as Dave
  • Jim Nicklus as Jim
  • Flo Pierce as Bessie Smith
  • Glenn Carruth as Bobby Ford
  • Bunny Dees as Mrs. Ford
  • John Wallis as Mr. Ford
  • Sarah Coble as Mrs. Carter
  • Dave O'Brien as Mr. Turner
  • Billy Crawford as Corky Bill
  • Dennis Lamb as Mr. Kennedy
  • Loraine Lamb as Mrs. Kennedy
  • Lloyd Bowen as Himself
  • B.R. Barrington as Himself
  • J. E. "Smokey" Crabtree as Himself
  • Travis Crabtree as Himself