The Legend of Korra
The Legend of Korra
General Information

Aliases Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Creator(s) Michael Dante DiMartino
Bryan Konietzko
Principal Cast Janet Varney, P.J. Byrne, David Faustino
Network Nickelodeon
Rating TV-Y7
Runtime 23 minutes
No. of Seasons 4
No. of Episodes 52
Start Date April 14, 2012
End Date December 19, 2014
Country United States
Language English


The epic tale of the Avatar continues.  Set 70 years in the future after the Hundred Years War; the world now thrives in a technological revolution and bending is no longer viewed in such a positive light...not to mention evil spirits are rising once more.

Avatar Aang, the Last Airbender has passed on and the time has come for the new incarnation of the Avatar to be trained. The latest Avatar is a young Waterbender named Korra who sets off to begin her training of the four elements. Already having mastered fire, earth, and water at a remarkably early age, she has one element left to master: air.

But with a mass shortage of airbenders in the world, the responsibility is left to a man who knew Aang too well: his youngest son Tenzin. However, Tenzin cannot train Korra in the South Pole so she must relocate to Republic City; the iconic city Aang and Fire Lord Zuko created to be a center of peace in the world between benders and non-benders.

However, Korra quickly discovers that beneath the beauty of the city lies the underbelly of crime as well as a growing anti-bending revolution that threatens to tear Republic City apart. Knowing that her responsibilities involve keeping the city peaceful, she discovers new allies in the form of pro-bending brothers Mako and Bolin and an even greater threat than she ever could have imagined: the leader of the Equalists, Amon.

For behind the mask is a scarred man who has a power that makes even the quick tempered and fierce Avatar crumble to her knees. And if Amon has his way; he will destroy the Benders, bring the Legacy of the Avatar to an End, and finish the Legend of Korra before its time...

A sequel series to the hugely popular and award winning Avatar: The Last Airbender; the Legend of Korra followed in its parent's series footsteps as a huge commercial and critical success and was heavily praised for pushing the boundaries with it's political, racial, and sexual storytelling themes.

Notable Characters

  • Korra - Korra is a waterbender and the new Avatar. She has learned all of the elements except for Air which leads her to journey to the Republic City in search of Tenzin, Aangs son. Like all Avatars she has several pets including Naga a polar bear dog as well as a Red Panda Ferret known as a Fire Ferret.
  • Mako - Mako is a good looking man with sci-fi style hair. He will assist Korra on her journey.
  • Bolin
  • Asami Sato
  • Tenzin - Tenzin is one of Aangs children and a airbender. He is married to Pemma and they have three children: Meelo, Ikki, Jinora.
  • Lin Beifong
  • Kya
  • Eska
  • Tonraq
  • Katara
  • Zaheer
  • Ming-Hua
  • Zuko
  • Opal
  • Suyin Beifong
  • Kuvira

Plot Summary

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Episode Guide

Season 1

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
1.01 150px Welcome to Republic City

14 Apr 2012
1.02 150px A Leaf in the Wind

14 Apr 2012
1.03 150px The Revelation

21 Apr 2012
1.04 150px The Voice in the Night

28 Apr 2012
1.05 150px The Spirit of Competition

05 May 2012
1.06 150px And the Winner Is...

12 May 2012
1.07 150px The Aftermath

19 May 2012
1.08 150px When Extremes Meet

02 Jun 2012
1.09 150px Out of the Past

09 Jun 2012
1.10 150px Turning the Tides

16 Jun 2012
1.11 150px Skeletons in the Closet

23 Jun 2012
1.12 150px Endgame

23 Jun 2012

Season 2

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
2.01 150px Rebel Spirit

13 Sep 2013
2.02 150px The Southern Lights

13 Sep 2013
2.03 150px Civil Wars, Part 1

20 Sep 2013
2.04 150px Civil Wars, Part 2

27 Sep 2013
2.05 150px Peacekeepers

04 Oct 2013
2.06 150px The Sting

11 Oct 2013
2.07 150px Beginnings, Part 1

18 Oct 2013
2.08 150px Beginnings, Part 2

18 Oct 2013
2.09 150px The Guide

01 Nov 2013
2.10 150px A New Spiritual Age

08 Nov 2013
2.11 150px Night of a Thousand Stars

15 Nov 2013
2.12 150px Harmonic Convergence

15 Nov 2013
2.13 150px Darkness Falls

22 Nov 2013
2.14 150px Light in the Dark

22 Nov 2013

Season 3

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
3.01 150px A Breath of Fresh Air

27 Jun 2014
3.02 150px Rebirth

27 Jun 2014
3.03 150px The Earth Queen

27 Jun 2014
3.04 150px In Harm's Way

11 Jul 2014
3.05 150px The Metal Clan

11 Jul 2014
3.06 150px Old Wounds

18 Jul 2014
3.07 150px Original Airbenders

18 Jul 2014
3.08 150px The Terror Within

25 Jul 2014
3.09 150px The Stakeout

01 Aug 2014
3.10 150px Long Live the Queen

08 Aug 2014
3.11 150px The Ultimatum

15 Aug 2014
3.12 150px Enter the Void

22 Aug 2014
3.13 150px Venom of the Red Lotus

22 Aug 2014

Season 4

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
4.01 150px After All These Years

03 Oct 2014
4.02 150px Korra Alone

10 Oct 2014
4.03 150px The Coronation

17 Oct 2014
4.04 150px The Calling

24 Oct 2014
4.05 150px Enemy at the Gates

31 Oct 2014
4.06 150px The Battle of Zaofu

07 Nov 2014
4.07 150px Reunion

14 Nov 2014
4.08 150px Remembrances

21 Nov 2014
4.09 150px Beyond the Wilds

28 Nov 2014
4.10 150px Operation Beifong

05 Dec 2014
4.11 150px Kuvira's Gambit

12 Dec 2014
4.12 150px Day of the Colossus

19 Dec 2014
4.13 150px The Last Stand

19 Dec 2014

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