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The Legend of Zu
The Legend of Zu
Directed By Tsui Hark
Written By Lee Man-choi, Tsui Hark
Cast Ekin Cheng, Sammo Hung, Cecilia Cheung, Zhang Ziyi
Produced By Tsui Hark, Brian Cox, Anant Singh
Film Editing By Marco Mak
Cinematography By Herman Yau, Poon Hang-sang, William Yim
Music By Ricky Ho

Film Workshop, One Hundred Years of Film Company Ltd.


Hong Kong


Mandarin, Cantonese

Release Date

August 9, 2001


104 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

China Star Entertainment Group



  • Ekin Cheng as King Sky
  • Cecilia Cheung as Dawn / Enigma
  • Louis Koo as Red
  • Patrick Tam as Thunder
  • Kelly Lin as Amnesia
  • Zhang Ziyi as Joy
  • Sammo Hung as Grandmaster White Brows
  • Ng Kong as Hollow
  • Wu Jing as Ying
  • Lau Shun as Master Transcendental



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