Licence to Kill
Licence to Kill
His bad side is a dangerous place to be.
Directed By John Glen
Screenplay By Michael G. Wilson, Richard Maibaum
Cast Timothy Dalton, Robert Davi, Carey Lowell, Talisa Soto
Produced By Albert R. Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson
Film Editing By John Grover
Cinematography By Alec Mills
Music By Michael Kamen

Eon Productions


United Kingdom



Release Date

June 13, 1989


133 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

United International Pictures, MGM, United Artists

Budget $32,000,000
Gross $156,167,015


The sixteenth James Bond film in the series franchise; Licence to Kill is the first film not to use an Ian Fleming title but did incorporate certain elements from the short story, "The Hildebrand Rarity" and the novel "Live and Let Die" that had been dropped from the earlier film of the same name but much of the plot is entirely original as well.

License to Kill was Timothy Dalton's second and ultimately his last James Bond's appearance. Legal problems revolving around the character emerged after this film which resulted in an extended hiatus of the franchise after which time, Dalton was uninterested in continuing as 007.


When one of James Bond's best friends, Felix Leiter is getting married; he asks Bond to be his best man. It's an honor that Agent 007 can't refuse. But Leiter won't be going to his honeymoon because the ruthless and sadistic drug lord Franz Sanchez is out for revenge for Felix sending him to prison and has his wife murdered and Felix horrifically maimed.

With Felix hanging on a thread in the hospital, Bond is outraged when he learns that MI-6 feels Sanchez isn't their problem and feels Bond is too personally compromised anyways. When Bond refuses to drop the matter, he resigns his commission and his license to kill is revoked.

This is James Bond's most dangerous mission yet. Unsanctioned and unapproved. Without allies. Without support. And more unstoppable than ever before. Because this time ... it's not just a job. This time ... it's personal.





  • Unofficially, this film became known as the 'bloodless coup' of the James Bond franchise owing to the fact that afterwards, the series underwent a total revamp in its production company, Eon Productions. Albert R. Broccoli, long time producer of the series retired as did long time film director, John Glen decided that this was his final James Bond film and chose to pursue other projects. Both Richard Maibaum, screenwriter and Maurice Binder, title designer passed away shortly after License to Kill was released. Legal issues arose afterwards over control over the James Bond franchise and when it was decided to start production of the new James Bond film several years later by this time Timothy Dalton was no longer interested in portraying the titular role. It was further decided to totally reboot the franchise with a new James Bond as well as a new M and Moneypenny with only Desmond Llewelyn (Q) surviving the culling.

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Licence to Kill (1989) Official Trailer - Timothy Dalton James Bond Movie Hd

Licence to Kill (1989) Official Trailer - Timothy Dalton James Bond Movie Hd