Directed By Steve James
Cast Martin Scorsese, Werner Herzog, Roger Ebert, Errol Morris, Ava DuVernay
Produced By Garrett Basch, Steve James, Zak Piper, Courtney Sexton
Executive Producer Mark Mitten, Justine Nagan, Gordon Quinn, Martin Scorsese, Kat White, Steven Zaillian
Film Editing By Steve James, David E. Simpson
Cinematography By Dana Kupper
Music By Joshua Abrams

Life Itself is a documentary on the life of Roger Ebert.


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  • Martin Scorsese as Himself
  • Werner Herzog as Himself
  • Roger Ebert as Himself
  • Errol Morris as Himself
  • Ava DuVernay as Himself
  • Ramin Bahrani as Himself
  • Stephen Stanton as Roger Ebert (voice)
  • Chaz Ebert as Herself
  • A.O. Scott as Himself
  • Marlene Iglitzen as Herself


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