Lincoln 2012
Directed By Steven Spielberg
Screenplay By Tony Kushner
Cast Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Produced By Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy
Film Editing By Michael Kahn
Cinematography By Janusz Kaminski
Music By John Williams

Touchstone Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, DreamWorks Pictures, Reliance Entertainment, Participant Media, The Kennedy/Marshall Company


United States



Release Date

November 9, 2012


150 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, 20th Century Fox

Budget $65,000,000
Gross $275,293,450


The year is 1865 and the Civil War is winding down to its grim inevitable conclusion. The North's Victory lies in sight. But President Abraham Lincoln finds that his greatest battle will take place in the midst of a hostile Congress to pass a landmark Amendment to ban slavery for all time. To declare that all men; black and white are indeed equal.

But it is a race against time as Lincoln knows every day will result in more and more causalities. Yet within a few short months, a new Congress will be seated where his party will hold the majority of the seats and he will be able to pass the Amendment with little difficulty.

But Lincoln also knows that if he waits, there is a chance that the South will surrender and once hostilities end; all of Lincoln's wartime declarations will be revoked; including the Emancipation Proclamation that he used to free the slaves and allow them to serve as soldiers in the Union Army. With the Proclamation negated, he fears that it may allow them to be re-enslaved after all of their gallantry and sacrifice.

Worse, when the Southern States reintegrate within the Union; their support will strengthen the voting block against the Amendment. Enough that it may not pass.

An early peace will save thousands of lives, both North and South. Yet the fate and freedom of countless billions of lives yet to be born rests on his conscience.

With the Confederate Peace Envoys en route to Washington to discuss surrender terms, Lincoln is forced to delay meeting them even as he struggles to drum up support to pass the Amendment. Ostentatiously as a security precaution, he orders them to be housed outside of Washington for their meeting. Even so, during the amendment vote; a rumor begins to circulate that the Southern representatives have come to Washington to discuss peace terms. Congress immediately decides to postpone the vote only for Lincoln to deny point blank that there is no representatives from the Confederacy inside Washington—technically true, but cleverly phrased that leads the delegates to believe that there is no peace envoy at all.

Afterwards with a narrow victory of 2 votes, the Thirteenth Amendment is passed and Lincoln subsequently meets with the Southern Confederacy with the demand that any surrender will be contingent on them accepting the Thirteenth Amendment as law.

Several days later, General Lee surrenders to the Union and thus ending the Civil War. A relieved Lincoln is in the midst of discussions with his Cabinet about reconstruction efforts when his wife interrupts them. Mary Todd Lincoln is annoyed because he promised to take her to see the new play at Ford's Theater. He reluctantly agrees and leaves, only to be assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.


  • Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln
  • Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln
  • Gloria Reuben as Elizabeth Keckley
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robert Todd Lincoln
  • Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus Stevens
  • Hal Holbrook as Francis Preston Blair
  • Jared Harris as Ulysses S. Grant
  • James Spader as William N. Bilbo
  • Jackie Earle Haley as Alexander H. Stephens
  • Gulliver McGrath as Tad Lincoln
  • Stephen Henderson as William Slade
  • Tim Blake Nelson as lobbyist Richard Schell
  • Elizabeth Marvel as Mrs. Jolly
  • David Strathairn as William H. Seward
  • Bruce McGill as Edwin M. Stanton
  • Julie White as Elizabeth Blair Lee
  • Joseph Cross as Major John Hay
  • Gregory Itzin as John Archibald Campbell
  • S. Epatha Merkerson as Lydia Smith
  • Asa-Luke Twocrow as Ely S. Parker
  • Jeremy Strong as John George Nicolay
  • Grainger Hines as Gideon Welles
  • Richard Topol as James Speed
  • Dakin Matthews as John Palmer Usher
  • Walt Smith as William P. Fessenden
  • James Ike Eichling as William Dennison
  • Bill Raymond as Schuyler Colfax
  • Christopher Evan Welch as Edward McPherson