Live Nude Girls
Live Nude Girls 2014
Directed By Jay Leggett
Written By Mike Hatton, Jay Leggett
Cast Mike Hatton, Tera Patrick, Dave Foley, Bree Olson
Produced By Allegra Sophia Leuthold, Chris Lorusso, Mark Sherman, Christian Sesma
Film Editing By Chris Lorusso
Cinematography By Patrice Lucien Cochet, Anthony J. Rickert-Epstein
Music By Gilbert Gabriel

Oscar Gold Productions, Ton of Hats





Release Date

August 19, 2014

Distributed By

Screen Media Films



  • Mike Hatton as Shane
  • Dave Foley as Harry
  • Bree Olson as Chloe
  • Har Mar Superstar as Tommy
  • Tera Patrick as Nancy
  • Annemarie Pazmino as Christina
  • Andy Dick as Eddie
  • Asa Akira as Hana
  • Ken Hudson Campbell as Cannonball Calhoun
  • Kristen DeLuca as Layla
  • Mindy Robinson as Amber
  • Matt Offerman as Paulie
  • Shaun Parker as Officer Parker
  • Christopher Zane Gordon as Josh
  • Sam Tripoli as Jimmy
  • Missy Martinez as Bianca
  • Naomi Leonard as Chancy
  • Robin Collins as Pitt
  • Kuba Ka as Krol
  • John Archer Lundgren as Captain Lou Tennant
  • Rachel Alig as Karma
  • Michael P. Blevins as The Bachelor
  • Mira Carr as Candy
  • Jamie Gaul as Stephanie
  • Michael Adam Hamilton as Matt
  • Ericson Just as Blevins
  • John Kang as Dick Mithers
  • Pati Lauren as Jasmine
  • Mercy Malick as Carrie Okey
  • Lil Steve Niel as Firenza
  • Tommy O'Rourke as Sgt. Forque
  • Kyle Pacek as Magnifico
  • Elissa Rosenthal as Crosstown
  • Justin Sandler as Vinnie
  • Mark Sherman as Chip
  • Mike Shimler as Bubba Jones
  • Angelina Spicer as Angeline
  • Tristan Stadtmuller as Tank
  • Charley Tichenor as Wyatt-Snakes Guitarist
  • Jasmine Waltz as Deeva
  • Matt Weber as Stalker Mike