Lolita 1962
Directed By Stanley Kubrick
Screenplay By Vladimir Nabokov, Stanley Kubrick
Cast James Mason, Peter Sellers, Shelley Winters, Sue Lyon
Produced By James B. Harris
Film Editing By Anthony Harvey
Cinematography By Oswald Morris
Music By Nelson Riddle, Bob Harris

Seven Arts, AA Productions, Anya Pictures, Transworld Pictures


United Kingdom, United States



Release Date

June 13, 1962


152 Minutes

Distributed By

MGM, Turner Entertainment Co.

Budget $2,000,000
Gross $9,250,000
Based on Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov


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  • James Mason as Humbert "Hum" Humbert
  • Shelley Winters as Charlotte Haze-Humbert
  • Sue Lyon as Dolores "Lolita" Haze
  • Peter Sellers as Clare Quilty
  • Gary Cockrell as Richard "Dick" Schiller
  • Jerry Stovin as John Farlow
  • Diana Decker as Jean Farlow
  • Lois Maxwell as Nurse Mary Lore
  • Cec Linder as Dr. Keegee
  • Bill Greene as George Swine
  • Shirley Douglas as Mrs. Starch
  • Marianne Stone as Vivian Darkbloom
  • Marion Mathie as Miss Lebone
  • James Dyrenforth as Frederick Beale, Sr.
  • C. Denier Warren as Potts



Lolita (1962) HD trailer01:04

Lolita (1962) HD trailer

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