The Long Riders
The Long Riders 1980
Directed By Walter Hill
Written By Bill Bryden, Stacy Keach, James Keach, Steven Phillip Smith
Cast Dennis Quaid, Stacy Keach, James Keach, Christopher Guest, David Carradine
Produced By Tim Zinnemann, Stacy Keach, James Keach
Film Editing By Freeman A. Davies, David Holden
Cinematography By Ric Waite
Music By Ry Cooder

Huka Productions


United States



Release Date

May 16, 1980


99 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

United Artists

Gross $15,795,189


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  • James Keach as Jesse James
  • Stacy Keach as Frank James
  • David Carradine as Cole Younger
  • Keith Carradine as Jim Younger
  • Robert Carradine as Bob Younger
  • Dennis Quaid as Ed Miller
  • Randy Quaid as Clell Miller
  • Christopher Guest as Charley Ford
  • Nicholas Guest as Robert Ford
  • Kalen Keach as Jesse E. James
  • Savannah Smith Boucher as Zerelda Mimms
  • James Whitmore, Jr. as Rixley
  • Kevin Brophy as John Younger
  • Harry Carey, Jr. as George Arthur
  • Shelby Leverington as Annie Ralston
  • Pamela Reed as Belle Starr
  • Lin Shaye as Kate
  • James Remar as Sam Starr



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