The Long Teeth
The Long Teeth
Directed By Daniel Gelin
Written By Daniel Gelin, Michel Audiard, Marcel Camus
Cast Daniele Delorme, Louis de Funes, Daniel Gelin
Produced By Jacques Roitfeld, Sirius
Film Editing By Louisette Hautecoeur
Cinematography By Robert Juillard
Music By Paul Misraki




Release Date

March 11, 1953


90 Minutes

Distributed By

Societe des films Sirius



  • Daniele Delorme as Eva Commandeur
  • Daniel Gelin as Louis Commandeur
  • Jean Chevrier as Mr. Walter
  • Louis Seigner as Antoine Josserand
  • Olivier Hussenot as Andre Maurienne
  • Jean Debucourt as Mr. Goudal
  • Rene Hieronimus as Mr. Renoir
  • Colette Mars as Carmen
  • Louis de Funes as Un Typo
  • Gaby Bruyere as Maud
  • Louis Bugette as Papa
  • Robert Rollis as Bob
  • Joelle Bernard as Raymonde Josserand
  • Roger Vadim as Witness to a Marriage
  • Brigitte Bardot as Witness to a Marriage's Wife
  • Judith Magre as Mr. Commandeur's Secretary
  • Yvette Etievant as Yvonne
  • Christian Argentin as Mr. Bruni
  • Paul Ville as Mr. Bourdon
  • Rene Lacourt as The caretaker



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