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Lord of the Flies
Lord of the Flies 1963
Directed By Peter Brook
Written By Peter Brook
Cast James Aubrey, Hugh Edwards, Tom Chapin, David Surtees
Produced By Lewis M. Allen
Film Editing By Peter Brook, Gerald Feil, Jean-Claude Lubtchansky
Cinematography By Tom Hollyman
Music By Raymond Leppard

United Kingdom



Release Date

August 13, 1963


92 Minutes

Distributed By

British Lion, Continental Distributing

Budget $250,000


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  • James Aubrey as Ralph
  • Tom Chapin as Jack
  • Hugh Edwards as Piggy
  • Roger Elwin as Roger
  • Tom Gaman as Simon
  • David Surtees as Sam
  • Simon Surtees as Eric
  • Nicholas Hammond as Robert
  • Roger Allan as Piers



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