Lords of Dogtown
Lords of Dogtown
Directed By Catherine Hardwicke
Written By Stacy Peralta
Cast Heath Ledger, Emile Hirsch, John Robinson, Nikki Reed
Produced By John Linson
Film Editing By Nancy Richardson
Cinematography By Elliot Davis
Music By Mark Mothersbaugh

Art Linson Productions, Indelible Pictures, Linson Films, Senator International


United States


English, Spanish

Release Date

June 3, 2005


107 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures

Budget $25,000,000
Gross $13,411,957



  • Heath Ledger as Skip Engblom
  • Emile Hirsch as Jay Adams
  • John Robinson as Stacy Peralta
  • Victor Rasuk as Tony Alva
  • Michael Angarano as Sid
  • Nikki Reed as Kathy Alva
  • Rebecca De Mornay as Philaine
  • William Mapother as Donnie
  • Vincent Laresca as Chino
  • Elden Henson as Billy Z
  • Mitch Hedberg as Urethane Wheels Guy
  • Stephanie Limb as Peggy Oki
  • Mike Ogas as Bob Biniak
  • Don Nguyen as Shogo Kubo
  • Melonie Diaz as Blanca
  • Eddie Cahill as Larry Gordon
  • Laura Ramsey as Gabrielle
  • Steve Badillo as Ty Page
  • Pablo Schreiber as Craig Stecyk
  • America Ferrera as Thunder Monkey
  • Sofia Vergara as Amelia
  • Johnny Knoxville as Topper Burks
  • Ned Bellamy as Peter Darling
  • Tony Hawk as Astronaut
  • Jay Adams as House Party Guest
  • Tony Alva as Oregon Man at Party
  • Charles Napier as Nudie
  • Skip Engblom as Seattle Race Starter
  • Stacy Peralta as TV Director
  • Joel McHale as TV Reporter
  • Bai Ling as Punky Photographer
  • Shea Whigham as Drake Landon
  • Alexis Arquette as Tranny
  • Jeremy Renner as Jay Adams' Manager
  • Lance Mountain as UK Policeman