The Lords of Salem
The Lords of Salem 2012
Directed By Rob Zombie
Written By Rob Zombie
Cast Sheri Moon Zombie, Ken Foree, Bruce Davison, Patricia Quinn, Jeff Daniel Phillips
Produced By Jason Blum, Andy Gould, Oren Peli, Steven Schneider, Rob Zombie
Film Editing By Glenn Garland
Cinematography By Brandon Trost
Music By John 5

Entertainment One, IM Global, Automatik Entertainment, Haunted Films, Blumhouse Productions


United States, Canada



Release Date

September 10, 2012 (TIFF), April 19, 2013 (United States)


101 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Anchor Bay Films

Budget $1,500,000
Gross $1,165,882



  • Sheri Moon Zombie as Heidi Hawthorne
  • Bruce Davison as Francis Matthias
  • Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman "Whitey" Salvador
  • Judy Geeson as Lacy Doyle
  • Meg Foster as Margaret Morgan
  • Patricia Quinn as Megan
  • Ken Foree as Herman "Munster" Jackson
  • Dee Wallace as Sonny
  • Maria Conchita Alonso as Alice Matthias
  • Richard Fancy as AJ Kennedy
  • Andrew Prine as Reverend Johnathan Hawthorne
  • Michael Berryman as Virgil Magnus
  • Sid Haig as Dean Magnus
  • Barbara Crampton as Virginia Cable
  • Bonita Friedericy as Abigail Hennessey
  • Torsten Voges as Count Gorgann
  • Julian Acosta as The Priest
  • Lisa Marie as Priscilla Reed
  • Michael Shamus Wiles as Jarrett Perkins
  • Gabriel Pimentel as Amon
  • Roger W. Morrissey as Beezlebub
  • John 5 as Halvard The Guardian
  • Piggy D as Butcher Olaf



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