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Lovely Rivals
Lovely Rivals
Directed By Jang Kyu-sung
Written By Jang Kyu-sung, Lee Won-jae
Cast Yeom Jeong-ah, Lee Ji-hoon, Lee Se-young, Na Moon-hee
Produced By Kim Mi-hee
Film Editing By Ko Im-pyo
Cinematography By Lee Du-man
Music By Jo Yeong-wook

Fun and Happiness


South Korea



Release Date

November 17, 2004


109 Minutes

Distributed By

CJ Entertainment



  • Yeom Jeong-ah as Yeo Mi-ok
  • Lee Se-young as Go Mi-nam
  • Lee Ji-hoon as Kwon Sang-min
  • Byun Hee-bong as Principal Byun In-chul
  • Lee Won-jong as Traffic Police Officer
  • Na Moon-hee as Mi-ok's Mother
  • Choi Ran as Mi-nam's Mother
  • Kim Eung-soo as Vice Principal
  • Choi Bo-kwang as Jang Soo-kyung
  • Lee Jae-gu as Kim Joon-sung
  • Kim Ga-eun as Grade 5 Class 2 Female Student
  • Im Won-hee as man in TV Drama
  • Cha Seung-won as Teacher Kim Bong-doo



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