Lunch Wagon
Lunch Wagon
Directed By Ernest Pintoff
Written By Leon Phillips, Terrie Frankel, Marshall Harvey
Cast Rosanne Katon, Candy Moore, Pamela Jean Bryant
Produced By Mark Borde
Film Editing By M. Edward Salier
Cinematography By Fred Lemler

United States



Release Date

September, 1981


88 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Seymour Borde & Associates, Media Home Entertainment



  • Pamela Jean Bryant as Marcy
  • Rosanne Katon as Shannon
  • Candy Moore as Diedre
  • Rick Podell as Al Schmeckler
  • James Van Patten as Biff
  • Chuck McCann as The Turtle
  • Rose Marie as Mrs. Schmeckler
  • Michael Tucci as Arnie
  • Louisa Moritz as Sunshine
  • Vic Dunlop as Ralph
  • Anthony Charnota as Herman
  • George Memmoli as Andy
  • Michael Mislove as Danny Death
  • Nels Van Patten as Scotty
  • Maurice Sneed as Ben
  • Gary Levy as Larry
  • Peggy Mannix as Bertha
  • Dale Bozzio as Teddy
  • Peter Marc Jacobson as Jed
  • Steve Tannen as Harry
  • Odis McKinney as Ray
  • Debrah Kelly as Hardhat
  • Dick Van Patten as Bernie Simmons



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