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Lust for a Vampire
Lust for a Vampire
Directed By Jimmy Sangster
Written By Tudor Gates
Cast Barbara Jefford, Ralph Bates, Yutte Stensgaard, Pippa Steel
Produced By Michael Style, Harry Fine
Film Editing By Spencer Reeve
Cinematography By David Muir
Music By Harry Robinson

Hammer Film Productions


United Kingdom, United States



Release Date

September 2, 1971


95 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

American International Pictures, MGM



  • Yutte Stensgaard as Carmilla Karnstein
  • Michael Johnson as Richard Lestrange
  • Ralph Bates as Giles Barton
  • Barbara Jefford as Countess Herritzen
  • Suzanna Leigh as Janet Playfair
  • Helen Christie as Miss Simpson
  • Pippa Steel as Susan Pelley
  • David Healy as Raymond Pelley
  • Harvey Hall as Inspector Heinrich
  • Mike Raven as Count Karnstein
  • Michael Brennan as Landlord
  • Jack Melford as Bishop
  • Judy Matheson as Amanda
  • Christopher Neame as Hans
  • Sue Longhurst as Schoolgirl
  • Kirsten Lindholm as Peasant Girl



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