General Information

Aliases MASH, M.A.S.H.
Creator(s) Larry Gelbart
Principal Cast Alan Alda, Mike Farrell, Loretta Swit, Harry Morgan, Jamie Farr, William Christopher, Gary Burgoff, David Ogden Stiers, Larry Linville, Wayne Rogers, McLean Stevenson, G.W. Bailey
Network CBS
Rating TV-PG
Runtime 25 Minutes
No. of Seasons 11
No. of Episodes 256
Start Date September 17, 1972
End Date February 28, 1983
Spin-offs Trapper John, M.D;

After M*A*S*H;


Country United States
Language English


In the midst of the horror and fighting of the Korean War, another war is being fought just a few short miles from the front lines. It is waged by the doctors and staff of the 4077th M*A*S*H (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) who struggle to save the lives of the countless wounded who are rushed in and out of their semi-permanent camp. With precious little time, supplies, or support; they grimly continue on their task of saving as many as they can ... or letting them pass in quiet dignity even as the bullets and bombs rattle the operating rooms.

It's a difficult and soul crushing toil as they fight to maintain their own sanity and spirits on this battlefield. But the doctors, nurses, and staff soldier on and use laughter as the best medicine as the war grinds on...

A hugely popular, multiple award winning, and long lasting American TV series adapted from the 1970 film MASH. The film itself based upon a novel "MASH: A Novel About Three Doctors" that drew inspiration from a physician's real life experiences working at a MASH unit.

This TV series however far surpassed and exceeded the popularity of its original material and ironically enough, lasted even longer than the actual Korean conflict that it was based on. It remains one of the highest rated TV series in history and continues to be shown in reruns to this very day.

Although M*A*S*H had an ensemble cast for its extended series run with several characters being written out or written in as replacements; it is primarily renowned for the constant presence of Alan Alda who portrayed Hawkeye Pierce throughout the entire series run and who emerged as the central character of the series. Alda was also credited with directing, writing, and producing a number of M*A*S*H episodes which are consistently considered to be among the most popular and greatest TV episodes of all time. He is also responsible with transforming the series from a screwball comedy into a drama series with comedic undertones.

M*A*S*H also had two sequel spin-offs series; After M*A*S*H and Trapper John, M.D. which proved to be less successful and popular than the original.  There was a third attempt at a spin-off TV series, W*A*L*T*E*R which focuses on former Corporal Walter "Radar" O"Reilly as the main character. W*A*L*T*E*R failed to be picked up for syndication and there was only a single pilot episode that was instead shown as a single "Special CBS Presentation".

Notable Characters

  • Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce
  • Captain John "Trapper" MacIntyre
  • Major Frank Burns
  • Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan
  • Corporal Walter "Radar" O'Reilly
  • Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger
  • Father Francis Mulcahy
  • Colonel Henry Blake
  • Captain B.J. Hunnicutt
  • Colonel Sherman Potter
  • Major Charles Emerson Winchester III
  • Staff Sergeant Luther Rizzo
  • Dr. Sydney Freedman
  • Colonel Sam Flagg

Plot Summary

Season 1

Mash season1-surgery75

M*A*S*H Meatball Surgery

During the Korean War, the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital has been established less than three miles from the front lines. Composed of a stable of eccentric characters; the majority of the medical teams are not Army-trained soldiers but drafted recruits who are extremely non-military in their behavior and thinking such as their commanding officer, Colonel Henry Blake; a rather laid-back reservist who turns a blind eye to most of his command's outrageous behaviors.

Most of which revolves around the comedic antics of Hawkeye Pierce and his best friend and partner-in-crime, Trapper John who are the two best surgeons around and were unwillingly drafted by the U.S. Army. With little else to do other than helping the wounded; the pair spent their free time drinking, carousing, drinking, womanizing, playing practical jokes on unsuspecting bystanders, and drinking. Their main nemesis is Major Frank Burns, who is their superior only in rank due to his slavish devotion to the rules and regulations of the Army. Burns is rather inept as a surgeon and although he is married; is having an illicit affair with Major Margaret Houlihan, a fellow worshiper of Army regs and one of the few career soldiers. Both Burns and Houlihan go through great lengths to carry on their secret affair, unaware that the entire camp knows about it.

Among the more unusual members of the 4077th include Corporal Walter "Radar" O'Reilly, the company clerk and the real person who really runs the camp. Gifted with the preternaturally acute ability to 'know' things before they happen, he has a heroic worship of both Hawkeye and Trapper. And last but not least is Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger. Klinger is perhaps the sanest man in the outfit who desperately wants to get out of Korea by wearing women's outfits in the vain hopes of convincing his commanding officers to give him a Section 8 psychiatric discharge.

In this backdrop of brief spurts of chaos and blood, the 4077th struggles to save as many soldiers as they can while struggling to hold onto their sanity with laughter.

Season 2

M*A*S*H outfits might be medical units but to the Koreans, that just means that they have less guns to shoot back with. Over the course of the year, the wacky oddballs of the 4077th M*A*S*H will have to fend off an inept bomber pilot who makes a daily bombing run that has the camp taking bets on how badly he'll miss! And then they'll have to spend some time undercover when a sniper decides to take a few shots at them. Those won't be the only hardships when a flu epidemic hits the entire camp and leaves only Hawkeye and Houlihan up and caring for all of the causalities.

Mash flagg-vs-mash

Colonel Flagg Vs. M*A*S*H 4077th Command; Intelligence Officers Don't Need Intelligence!

Then Major Burns has finally had enough of Hawkeye and Trapper's shenanigans and demands a transfer; his lover Major Houlihan decides to go with him and leaves the 4077th up the short creek without a paddle with a dire lack of suitable replacements! For the good of the outfit, Hawkeye and Trapper will have to figure a way to convince Frank Burns to stick around. And since there's no way that they can appeal to Burns' humanity (he doesn't have any), they'll just have to appeal to good old fashioned greed and trick him into staying!

And finally its a case of spy vs. spy when the unbelievably paranoid Colonel Flagg (if that really is his name as he seems to have an excess of aliases) has infiltrated the 4077th M*A*S*H looking for communist sympathizers but finds a pair of practical jokers a.k.a. Hawkeye and Trapper who decide to doctor evidence to humiliate him instead.

Season 3

The Korean War is getting stranger and stranger for the good ol' folks at 4077th M*A*S*H. Such as trying to arrange a prisoner swap between the Americans and the Koreans that gets fouled up thanks to Frank Burns or when Major Margaret Houlihan is too much woman for a hard charging General who keels over in her bed; his subordinates decide that his "death" is far too ignoble for the General and seek to arrange a suitable killed in action situation for him!

Mash col-blake death

Colonel Blake's Final Goodbye

Things have a tendency to take an unusual twist at the 4077th and if that's not enough, the incompetent and unbearable paranoiac Colonel Flagg is bound and determined to find some sort of wrongdoing at the 4077th and is not so secretly lurking about; determined to find some evidence that proves Hawkeye Pierce of being a Communist sympathizer. And finally a shocking twist when Colonel Henry Blake is discharged and is in the midst of returning home only to have his plane shot down, killing him in the crash and leaving the entire 4077th distraught.

Season 4

It started out as a good year for Major Frank Burns. He's been placed temporarily in command of the 4077th M*A*S*H and is determined to whip it into shape! Once he does so, Burns is convinced that the brass to leave him in charge. His glee is increased when Trapper John is discharged and returns home. However, he quickly is dismayed to learn that Trapper's replacement, the freshly drafted B.J. Hunnicutt is cut more in the mold of Hawkeye than himself. But his dismay only increases when a new Commanding Officer arrives in the form of Colonel Sherman Potter, an old school Army vet who has served in every single major conflict from World War I onward and is on the verge of retirement. Although possessing a similar laid-back command style to Henry Blake, Potter is far more professional and unwilling to tolerate shenanigans and pranks if they threaten discipline and in the operating room.

But sometimes its harder to know who the real enemy is in this war. Such as when Hawkeye Pierce has been declared legally deceased thanks to a paperwork snafu and is having a lot of trouble trying to convince the Powers That Be that he's still alive and kicking. Particularly when Hawkeye's got a morgue attendant whose overly eager to bring back Hawkeye's corpse to HQ. And since the paperwork is never ever wrong, he's either hoping that Hawkeye will drop dead in his tracks or he'll stumble across a corpse. Any corpse. Surely they gotta have a spare one laying around?

Then Radar gets into some real hot water when a wounded Colonel checks in and his fancy pistol checks out without him! The enraged Colonel quickly blames Radar and the hapless company clerk is accused of theft. And finally, during an extended grueling period in the O.R., the tyrannical Major Burns accuses Hawkeye of mutiny and demands a court martial! Of course, the military tribunal will have to judge the testimony for themselves ... but about the only thing that Burns and Hawkeye's versions agree on is the date and they were in Korea!

Season 5

The Koreans are on the offensive! And the 4077th M*A*S*H is right in the midst of their path, forcing the medical camp to hastily demonstrate the "Mobile" part of their acronym and decamp before they arrive. But it's not the only uprooting that the staff will face.

While on leave in Tokyo, Major Margaret Houlihan has a whirlwind romance with a dashing Lieutenant Colonel Donald Penobscot. Sweeping her off her feet, Penobscot proposes and the happy couple becomes engaged! This shocking blow causes her long time paramour, Major Frank Burns to have a major meltdown. Particularly when Houlihan discovers that since Frank is busy cheating on his wife, he naturally expects Margaret to be willing to cheat on her impending beau with him.

And when she is determined to remain faithful to her fiancee, it results in a major feud between the formerly close pair. How will everybody's least favorite couple survive? And will everybody else survive the new Major Cold War between Burns and Houlihan?

Season 6

The newly wedded Major Margaret Houlihan is off on her honeymoon with her newlywed husband, Lt. Colonel Penobscot! But her new martial bliss has caused Major Frank Burns to finally crack up, forcing the 4077th to bring in a new surgeon; Major Charles Emerson Winchester III, a blue blooded snob. Winchester is outraged at the primitive working conditions and constantly tries to get himself transferred back to "civilization", or at least Tokyo which the closest thing to it and is contemptuous of his fellow surgeons and medical personnel. Despite his arrogance, Winchester is tolerated by the others due to his superior surgical skills as he tries to fit into the zaniness of the 4077th.

Shortly afterwards Margaret Houlihan receives a rude shock when she receives a letter from her husband. Expecting a loving letter, she discovers that Penobscot put the wrong letter in the envelope and that she has received the one meant for his mistress! But she isn't the only one whose romance is suffering. Corporal Klinger goes on a rampage when he receives a letter from his wife proclaiming that she's found someone else and now wants a divorce, leaving him distraught and contemplating desertion. As they cope with their heartbreaks, the arrogant Winchester finds himself suffering a bitter comeuppance in trying to cope with the workload and conditions of the 4077th. Desperate to keep up his flagging strength, Winchester begins taking amphetamines and quickly becomes addicted, forcing Hawkeye and B.J. to confront him and get him to clean up.

Season 7

The 4077th M*A*S*H is going to have to learn how to cope with the wild Korean weather. There's a scorching heat wave that sends the entire camp into a tizzy. But while the rest of the camp is trying to cool down, Klinger has a brainstorm and is wearing a fur coat and thermal underwear to prove that he's nuts. And he may have finally have hit on the perfect plan for his discharge! But the only question is will the heat cook his brains or will he keel over from heat prostration first?

Then a massive windstorm shuts down the camp for helicopter travel but leaves Winchester enraged as he was due to some nice R&R and since he can't fly out, that leaves driving. That should be much safer, right? Maybe not, maybe not.

And if that wasn't enough, a massive coldsnap leaves the 4077th rushing to cope with several soldiers suffering from extreme hypothermia.

Finally, everyone's favorite pastor, Father Mulcahy finds himself having a crisis of faith. In himself that is. He has been passed over for promotion and he can only offer spiritual aid to his flock who is in more dire need of surgical care and medicines than sermons. In the end, he seems to be do more for the dead by reciting last rites than anything worthwhile for the living. What is a man of the cloth to do in a war zone?

Season 8

He's been the bedrock that the 4077th M*A*S*H has depended on for years. Whether it's forms or files, everyone knows that Radar can handle it all. But when his beloved uncle and the last patriarch of the O'Reilly Clan dies, Radar is granted a hardship discharge and leaves the 4077th with a mighty big hole to fill. It turns out of the few who are capable, the least worst of them all is Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger! But it's going to be a rough and rocky road as Klinger struggles to grow into his new role of company clerk ... and unfortunately the 4077th M*A*S*H is just going to have to bear with him.

The 4077th is going to bear with a lot more than Radar's absence though. A half American/Korean infant is abandoned by its mother at the camp and the staff find that the baby's chances of surviving are close to nil from the Koreans who seek revenge on its half-American heritage to those who seek to maintain their racial purity and can at best: look forward to a life of virtual slavery or as a total outcast. But the US Government is wholly unsympathetic and unwilling to allow the infant to be immigrated to the States for adoption and the 4077th finds itself in a war against the entrenched bureaucracy that it may simply not be able to wrest victory from this time.

And after receiving an outrageous bar tab, Hawkeye decides to become a teetotaler to prove to himself that he's not an alcoholic. However, he quickly is driving everyone else to drink with his obnoxious behavior, leaving him to realize that he is an addict and the rest of the camp to realize that Hawkeye is a total ass when sober.

The M*A*S*H 4077th is then honored to host a highly decorated wounded war hero, Sgt. Michael Yee but are horrified when after learning he will recover and go home; tries to kill himself and discovers that not all wounds are physical but psychological.

Season 9

The doctors and the staff at M*A*S*H 4077th may be far from home but it's never that far from their hearts. Whether they like it or not!

If there's two things guaranteed are death and taxes. And taxes might be the death of Charles Emerson Winchester III. Even though he's busy working at the 4077th as a trauma surgeon, he abruptly finds himself deluged with boxes and boxes of his family's receipts when their family's unscrupulous accountant has skedaddled and leaving him holding the bag and trying to puzzle out and reconstruct his accountant's filing system.

Then, B.J. Hunnicutt is becomingly distraught over his enforced absence from his wife and newborn child. Her letters leaves him suspicious and increasingly paranoid of his wife's behavior leading to him to suspect that she's having an affair.

And after all of his schemes and tricks to try and con his way out of the Army, Corporal Klinger may have finally have flipped his gourd! Upon learning that his ex-wife Laverne is remarrying to his best friend back home, Klinger decides to re-up and re-enlist in the Army to the shock of everyone forcing his friends desperate to con him into stopping his re-enlistment until he calms down.

Through it all, the rest of the staff of the 4077th have their own trials and tribulations. Patients are coming down with staph infections which leads the doctors to suspect the source is the wooden planks of the operating room. Their solution? A concrete floor. Unfortunately while it may make perfect medical sense, this is the U.S. Army and they don't need no logic or rational explanations to deny the good doctors and their invisible germs. After all, a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital has be mobile and no concrete floor is that! It'll take all of their ingenuity and some back breaking labor to solve this problem!

Season 10

It's a time of crime and punishment for the 4077th. First up; Father Francis Mulcahy finds himself faced with a crisis of conscience with a wounded soldier who is suffering from an odd affliction that leaves the doctors puzzled. He's suffering an allergic reaction to a blood transfusion. But that can't be right, no one's blood type spontaneously changes. Or maybe not. Because the soldier isn't who his dog tags says he is; because he swapped them for his dead buddy who was due to return home after his last patrol. But with his crime hidden under the seal of confession, the troubled Father Mulcahy is unable to tell anyone what he knows.

Then when a crime wave of pilfering rocks the 4077th; Hawkeye's new camera is stolen leaving Corporal Max Klinger is on the case! After snooping around and finding Hawkeye's property on the black market, Klinger buys the camera back only to be stopped by the MPs who are convinced that they have they have their pilfering thief in hand. On trial, Klinger finds that with friends like his; who needs enemies with their blundering gaffs on the stand and their testimonies!

And then the doctors at the 4077th are impressed with the care and solicitude of Major Weems for his wounded men. He's so downright caring, he's practically begging them to exaggerate their medical reports so that some of the wounded receive extra rotation points so that they can go home faster. Up until it becomes clear that Weems has a secondary agenda: because all of his wounded soldiers are black. And he has a habit of assigning the most hazardous and riskiest of duties to those African-Americans so that they either get killed off or send home faster. Either way, he wins. But it's all hearsay unless the doctors at the 4077th can fix this bigoted Major's goose.

And finally, Klinger's latest get-rich-quick scheme may have finally cooked Hawkeye's goose ... or rather, his goat. Klinger intends to raise a young goat for fresh milk that he's sure that a number of people would pay through the nose for. Meanwhile, Hawkeye has the unfortunate and unpleasant duty of being assigned temporary company paymaster but when wounded arrive, he's forced to hastily leave the payroll behind to rush into the OR. When he returns, Hawkeye discovers that the goat has decided to have the most expensive snack in history and is busy digesting over $22,000 in army script. Worse, I-Corps doesn't believe this cockamamie goat story and decides that Hawkeye is on hock for the $22,000! And if he can't pay up, I-Corps will be more than happy to take care of his accommodations ... for the next ten to twenty years!

Season 11

War is hard and it's getting harder and harder at the M*A*S*H 4077th. Hawkeye finds himself unexpectedly tapped to deliver a eulogy for a newbie nurse that he dated when she has unexpectedly died in action. Hawkeye quickly finds that no one, not even him truly knew her and is humbled when he reads her diary and discovers a person whom he truly wished that he had the opportunity to know better.

Then, Colonel Potter finds himself forced to confront an old army chum whose desire to relive his glory days has resulted in numerous soldiers being wounded in combat. Investigating, Potter is dismayed to discover that his friend made confusing and conflicting orders in the heat of battle and is forced to turn in his old friend, ending a friendship that has spanned over two World Wars.

And then, peace finally breaks out in Korea but none too soon for the personnel at the 4077th. During a series of peace talks, Colonel Potter graciously decides that since there's no fighting, there's no reason why the medical personnel can't take a short vacation. But returning back to camp; they happen across a family of refugees being hunted by a group of North Koreans and one of the women has a wailing baby that won't keep quiet until Hawkeye finally loses his cool and screams at her to shut it up. A horrified Hawkeye only learns afterwards that the mother smothered her own child to save all of their lives and he is so overcome with guilt that he suffers a nervous breakdown leaving Hawkeye's sanity the final casualty of this terrible war...

Episode Guide

Season 1

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
1.01 150px M*A*S*H Pilot

17 Sep 1972
1.02 150px To Market, To Market

24 Sep 1972
1.03 150px Requiem for a Lightweight

1 Oct 1972
1.04 150px Chief Surgeon Who?

8 Oct 1972
1.05 150px The Moose

15 Oct 1972
1.06 150px Yankee Doodle Doctor

22 Oct 1972
1.07 150px Bananas, Crackers and Nuts

5 Nov 1972
1.08 150px Cowboy

12 Nov 1972
1.09 150px Henry, Please Come Home

19 Nov 1972
1.10 150px I Hate a Mystery

26 Nov 1972
1.11 150px Germ Warfare

10 Dec 1972
1.12 150px Dear Dad

17 Dec 1972
1.13 150px Edwina

24 Dec 1972
1.14 150px Love Story

7 Jan 1973
1.15 150px Tuttle

14 Jan 1973
1.16 150px The Ringbanger

21 Jan 1973
1.17 150px Sometimes You Hear the Bullet

28 Jan 1973
1.18 150px Dear Dad, Again

4 Feb 1973
1.19 150px The Longjohn Flap

18 Feb 1973
1.20 150px The Army-Navy Game

25 Feb 1973
1.21 150px Sticky Wicket

4 Mar 1973
1.22 150px Major Fred C. Dobbs

11 Mar 1973
1.23 150px Ceasefire

18 Mar 1973
1.24 150px Showtime

25 Mar 1973

Season 2

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
2.01 150px Divided We Stand

15 Sep 1973
2.02 150px 5 O'Clock Charlie

22 Sep 1973
2.03 150px Radar's Report

29 Sep 1973
2.04 150px For the Good of the Outfit

6 Oct 1973
2.05 150px Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde

13 Oct 1973
2.06 150px Kim

20 Oct 1973
2.07 150px L.I.P (Local Indigenous Personnel)

27 Oct 1973
2.08 150px The Trial of Henry Blake

3 Nov 1973
2.09 150px Dear Dad ... Three

10 Nov 1973
2.10 150px The Sniper

17 Nov 1973
2.11 150px Carry On, Hawkeye

24 Nov 1973
2.12 150px The Incubator

1 Dec 1973
2.13 150px Deal Me Out

8 Dec 1973
2.14 150px Hot Lips and Empty Arms

15 Dec 1973
2.15 150px Officers Only

22 Dec 1973
2.16 150px Henry in Love

5 Jan 1974
2.17 150px For Want of a Boot

12 Jan 1974
2.18 150px Operation Noselift

19 Jan 1974
2.19 150px The Chosen People

26 Jan 1974
2.20 150px As You Were

2 Feb 1974
2.21 150px Crisis

9 Feb 1974
2.22 150px George

16 Feb 1974
2.23 150px Mail Call

23 Feb 1974
2.24 150px A Smattering of Intelligence

2 Mar 1974

Season 3

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
3.01 150px The General Flipped at Dawn

10 Sep 1974
3.02 150px Rainbow Bridge

17 Sep 1974
3.03 150px Officer of the Day

24 Sep 1974
3.04 150px Iron Guts Kelly

1 Oct 1974
3.05 150px O.R.

8 Oct 1974
3.06 150px Springtime

15 Oct 1974
3.07 150px Check-Up

22 Oct 1974
3.08 150px Life With Father

29 Oct 1974
3.09 150px Alcoholics Unanimous

12 Nov 1974
3.10 150px There is Nothing Like a Nurse

19 Nov 1974
3.11 150px Adam's Ribs

26 Nov 1974
3.12 150px A Full Rich Day

3 Dec 1974
3.13 150px Mad Dogs and Servicemen

10 Dec 1974
3.14 150px Private Charles Lamb

31 Dec 1974
3.15 150px Bombed

7 Jan 1975
3.16 150px Bulletin Board

14 Jan 1975
3.17 150px The Consultant

21 Jan 1975
3.18 150px House Arrest

4 Feb 1975
3.19 150px Aid Station

11 Feb 1975
3.20 150px Love and Marriage

18 Feb 1975
3.21 150px Big Mac

25 Feb 1975
3.22 150px Payday

4 Mar 1975
3.23 150px White Gold

11 Mar 1975
3.24 150px Abyssinia, Henry

18 Mar 1975

Season 4

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
4.01 150px Welcome to Korea: Part 1

12 Sep 1975
4.02 150px Welcome to Korea: Part 2

12 Sep 1975
4.03 150px Change of Command

19 Sep 1975
4.04 150px It Happened One Night

26 Sep 1975
4.05 150px The Late Captain Pierce

3 Oct 1975
4.06 150px Hey, Doc

10 Oct 1975
4.07 150px The Bus

17 Oct 1975
4.08 150px Dear Mildred

24 Oct 1975
4.09 150px The Kids

31 Oct 1975
4.10 150px Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler?

7 Nov 1975
4.11 150px Dear Peggy

14 Nov 1975
4.12 150px Of Moose and Men

21 Nov 1975
4.13 150px Soldier of the Month

28 Nov 1975
4.14 150px The Gun

2 Dec 1975
4.15 150px Mail Call ... Again

9 Dec 1975
4.16 150px The Price of Tomato Juice

16 Dec 1975
4.17 150px Dear Ma

23 Dec 1975
4.18 150px Der Tag

6 Jan 1976
4.19 150px Hawkeye

13 Jan 1976
4.20 150px Some 38th Parallels

20 Jan 1976
4.21 150px The Novocaine Mutiny

27 Jan 1976
4.22 150px Smilin' Jack

3 Feb 1976
4.23 150px The More I See You

10 Feb 1976
4.24 150px Deluge

17 Feb 1976
4.25 150px The Interview

24 Feb 1976

Season 5

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
5.01 150px Bug Out: Part 1

21 Sep 1976
5.02 150px Bug Out: Part 2

21 Sep 1976
5.03 150px Margaret's Engagement

28 Sep 1976
5.04 150px Out of Sight, Out of Mind

5 Oct 1976
5.05 150px Lt. Radar O'Reilly

12 Oct 1976
5.06 150px The Nurses

19 Oct 1976
5.07 150px The Abduction of Margaret Houlihan

26 Oct 1976
5.08 150px Dear Sigmund

9 Nov 1976
5.09 150px Mulcahy's War

16 Nov 1976
5.10 150px The Korean Surgeon

23 Nov 1976
5.11 150px Hawkeye Get Your Gun

30 Nov 1976
5.12 150px The Colonel's Horse

7 Dec 1976
5.13 150px Exorcism

14 Dec 1976
5.14 150px Hawk's Nightmare

21 Dec 1976
5.15 150px The Most Unforgettable Characters

4 Jan 1977
5.16 150px 38 Across

11 Jan 1977
5.17 150px Ping Pong

18 Jan 1977
5.18 150px End Run

25 Jan 1977
5.19 150px Hanky Panky

1 Feb 1977
5.20 150px Hepatitis

8 Feb 1977
5.21 150px The General's Practitioner

15 Feb 1977
5.22 150px Movie Tonight

22 Feb 1977
5.23 150px Souvenirs

1 Mar 1977
5.24 150px Post Op

8 Mar 1977
5.25 150px Margaret's Marriage

15 Mar 1977

Season 6

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
6.01 150px Fade In, Fade Out: Part 1

20 Sep 1977
6.02 150px Fade In, Fade Out: Part 2

20 Sep 1977
6.03 150px Fallen Idol

27 Sep 1977
6.04 150px Last Laugh

4 Oct 1977
6.05 150px War of Nerves

11 Oct 1977
6.06 150px The Winchester Tapes

18 Oct 1977
6.07 150px The Light That Failed

25 Oct 1977
6.08 150px In Love and War

1 Nov 1977
6.09 150px Change Day

8 Nov 1977
6.10 150px Images

15 Nov 1977
6.11 150px The M*A*S*H Olympics

22 Nov 1977
6.12 150px The Grim Reaper

29 Nov 1977
6.13 150px Comrades in Arms: Part 1

6 Dec 1977
6.14 150px Comrades in Arms: Part 2

13 Dec 1977
6.15 150px The Merchant of Korea

20 Dec 1977
6.16 150px The Smell of Music

3 Jan 1978
6.17 150px Patient 4077

10 Jan 1978
6.18 150px Tea and Empathy

17 Jan 1978
6.19 150px Your Hit Parade

24 Jan 1978
6.20 150px What's Up, Doc?

30 Jan 1978
6.21 150px Mail Call Three

6 Feb 1978
6.22 150px Temporary Duty

13 Feb 1978
6.23 150px Potter's Retirement

20 Feb 1978
6.24 150px Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde

27 Feb 1978
6.25 150px Major Topper

27 Mar 1978

Season 7

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
7.01 150px Commander Pierce

18 Sep 1978
7.02 150px Peace on Us

25 Sep 1978
7.03 150px Lil

2 Oct 1978
7.04 150px Our Finest Hour: Part 1

9 Oct 1978
7.05 150px Our Finest Hour: Part 2

9 Oct 1978
7.06 150px The Billfold Syndrome

16 Oct 1978
7.07 150px None Like It Hot

23 Oct 1978
7.08 150px They Call the Wind Korea

30 Oct 1978
7.09 150px Major Ego

6 Nov 1978
7.10 150px Baby, It's Cold Outside

13 Nov 1978
7.11 150px Point of View

20 Nov 1978
7.12 150px Dear Comrade

27 Nov 1978
7.13 150px Out of Gas

3 Dec 1978
7.14 150px An Eye for a Tooth

11 Dec 1978
7.15 150px Dear Sis

18 Dec 1978
7.16 150px B.J. Papa San

1 Jan 1979
7.17 150px Inga

8 Jan 1979
7.18 150px The Price

15 Jan 1979
7.19 150px The Young and the Restless

22 Jan 1979
7.20 150px Hot Lips is Back in Town

29 Jan 1979
7.21 150px C*A*V*E

5 Feb 1979
7.22 150px Rally Round the Flagg, Boys

14 Feb 1979
7.23 150px Preventative Medicine

19 Feb 1979
7.24 150px A Night at Rosie's

26 Feb 1979
7.25 150px Ain't Love Grand?

5 Mar 1979
7.26 150px The Party

12 Mar 1979

Season 8

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
8.01 150px Too Many Cooks

17 Sep 1979
8.02 150px Are You Now, Margaret?

24 Sep 1979
8.03 150px Guerilla My Dreams

1 Oct 1979
8.04 150px Good-Bye Radar: Part 1

8 Oct 1979
8.05 150px Good-Bye Radar: Part 2

15 Oct 1979
8.06 150px Period of Adjustment

22 Oct 1979
8.07 150px Nurse Doctor

29 Oct 1979
8.08 150px Private Finance

5 Nov 1979
8.09 150px Mr. and Mrs. Who?

12 Nov 1979
8.10 150px The Yalu Brick Road

19 Nov 1979
8.11 150px Life Time

26 Nov 1979
8.12 150px Dear Uncle Abdul

3 Dec 1979
8.13 150px Captains Outrageous

10 Dec 1979
8.14 150px Stars and Stripes

17 Dec 1979
8.15 150px Yessir, That's Our Baby

31 Dec 1979
8.16 150px Bottle Fatigue

7 Jan 1980
8.17 150px Heal Thyself

14 Jan 1980
8.18 150px Old Soldiers

21 Jan 1980
8.19 150px Morale Victory

28 Jan 1980
8.20 150px Lend a Hand

4 Feb 1980
8.21 150px Goodbye, Cruel World

11 Feb 1980
8.22 150px Dreams

18 Feb 1980
8.23 150px War Co-Respondent

3 Mar 1980
8.24 150px Back Pay

10 Mar 1980
8.25 150px April Fools

24 Mar 1980

Season 9

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
9.01 150px The Best of Enemies

17 Nov 1980
9.02 150px Letters

24 Nov 1980
9.03 150px Cementing Relationships

1 Dec 1980
9.04 150px Father's Day

8 Dec 1980
9.05 150px Death Takes a Holiday

15 Dec 1980
9.06 150px A War for All Seasons

29 Dec 1980
9.07 150px Your Retention, Please

5 Jan 1981
9.08 150px Tell It to the Marines

12 Jan 1981
9.09 150px Taking the Fifth

19 Jan 1981
9.10 150px Operation Friendship

26 Jan 1981
9.11 150px No Sweat

2 Feb 1981
9.12 150px Depressing News

9 Feb 1981
9.13 150px No Laughing Matter

16 Feb 1981
9.14 150px Oh, How We Danced

23 Feb 1981
9.15 150px Bottoms Up

2 Mar 1981
9.16 150px The Red/White Blues

9 Mar 1981
9.17 150px Bless You, Hawkeye

16 Mar 1981
9.18 150px Blood Brothers

6 Apr 1981
9.19 150px The Foresight Saga

13 Apr 1981
9.20 150px The Life You Save

4 May 1981

Season 10

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
10.01 150px That's Show Biz: Part 1

26 Oct 1981
10.02 150px That's Show Biz: Part 2

26 Oct 1981
10.03 150px Identity Crisis

2 Nov 1981
10.04 150px Rumor at the Top

9 Nov 1981
10.05 150px Give 'Em Hell, Hawkeye

16 Nov 1981
10.06 150px Wheelers and Dealers

23 Nov 1981
10.07 150px Communication Breakdown

30 Nov 1981
10.08 150px Snap Judgment

7 Dec 1981
10.09 150px Snappier Judgment

14 Dec 1981
10.10 150px 'Twas the Day After Christmas

28 Dec 1981
10.11 150px Follies of the Living - Concerns of the Dead

4 Jan 1982
10.12 150px The Birthday Girls

11 Jan 1982
10.13 150px Blood and Guts

18 Jan 1982
10.14 150px A Holy Mess

1 Feb 1982
10.15 150px The Tooth Shall Set You Free

8 Feb 1982
10.16 150px Pressure Points

15 Feb 1982
10.17 150px Where There's a Will, There's a War

22 Feb 1982
10.18 150px Promotion Commotion

1 Mar 1982
10.19 150px Heroes

15 Mar 1982
10.20 150px Sons and Bowlers

22 Mar 1982
10.21 150px Picture This

5 Apr 1982
10.22 150px That Darn Kid

12 Apr 1982

Season 11

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
11.01 150px Hey, Look Me Over

25 Oct 1982
11.02 150px Trick or Treatment

1 Nov 1982
11.03 150px Foreign Affairs

8 Nov 1982
11.04 150px The Joker is Wild

15 Nov 1982
11.05 150px Who Knew?

22 Nov 1982
11.06 150px Bombshells

28 Nov 1982
11.07 150px Settling Debts

6 Dec 1982
11.08 150px The Moon is Not Blue

13 Dec 1982
11.09 150px Run for the Money

20 Dec 1982
11.10 150px U.N., the Night and the Music

3 Jan 1983
11.11 150px Strange Bedfellows

10 Jan 1983
11.12 150px Say No More

24 Jan 1983
11.13 150px Friends and Enemies

07 Feb 1983
11.14 150px Give and Take

14 Feb 1983
11.15 150px As Time Goes By

21 Feb 1983
11.16 150px Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

28 Feb 1983

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