MILF 2010
Directed By Scott Wheeler
Written By Johnny Haug
Cast Jack Cullison, Amy Lindsay, Phillip Marlatt, Silvija Durann
Produced By David Rimawi, Paul Bales, David Michael Latt
Cinematography By Mark Atkins
Music By Chris Ridenhour

United States



Release Date

October 26, 2010


88 Minutes

Distributed By

The Asylum



  • Jack Cullison as Brandon Murphy
  • Phillip Marlatt as Anthony Reese
  • Joseph Booton as Nate
  • Ramon Camacho as Ross
  • Amy Lindsay as Holly Reese
  • Molinee Green as Lori Murphy
  • Silvija Durann as Mindy
  • Melidia Camren as Renna
  • Rachel Riley as Erica
  • Jamie Bernadette as Alex
  • Sylvia Panacione as Tina
  • Walter J. Harris as Sheldon
  • Dustin Fitzsimons as Wyatt
  • Nathaniel Benton as Brent
  • Robin Jones as Candice
  • Tammy Klein as Shannon
  • Diana Terranova as Rhonda
  • Curtis Pickett as Keef
  • Erick Vizcaino as Lupe
  • Tani Kristiansen as Lily
  • Maura Murphy as Nadia
  • Kylee Nash as Suzie
  • Christine Nguyen as Victoria
  • Cindi Arrata as Mercedes MILF



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