Man-Thing 2005
The nature of fear
Directed By Brett Leonard
Screenplay By Hans Rodionoff
Cast Matthew Le Nevez, Rachael Taylor, Jack Thompson
Produced By Avi Arad, Scott Karol, Christopher Petzel
Film Editing By William Goldenberg, Martin Connor
Cinematography By Steve Arnold
Music By Roger Mason

Lions Gate Films, Artisan Entertainment, Marvel Enterprises, Fierce Entertainment, Screenland Movieworld GmbH, Samurai Films Pty. Ltd.


United States, Australia



Release Date

April 30, 2005


97 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Lions Gate Films


Deep in the heart of the Louisiana bayou of Bywater is a sacred grove to the Seminole Native Americans. They call it the Dark Waters which is protected by a Guardian; a creature of nature, a Man-Thing. But the Dark Waters are under threat by Frederic Schist who seeks to exploit the oil reserves of the Bywater.

Newcomer Sheriff Kyle Williams believes a more human element and scientific explanation to what happened to his predecessor and other agents of Schist's. But increasingly strange events and murders force him to reconsider the legend ... of the Man-Thing.


  • Matthew Le Nevez as Sheriff Kyle Williams
  • Rachael Taylor as Teri Elizabeth Richards
  • Jack Thompson as Frederic Schist
  • Rawiri Paratene as Pete Horn
  • Alex O'Loughlin as Deputy Eric Fraser
  • Steve Bastoni as Rene LaRoque
  • Robert Mammone as Mike Ploog
  • Pat Thompson as Jake Schist
  • William Zappa as Steve Gerber
  • John Batchelor as Wayne Thibadeaux
  • Ian Bliss as Rodney Thibadeaux
  • Brett Leonard as Val Mayerik
  • Imogen Bailey as Sarah
  • James Coyne as Billy James
  • Cheryl Craig as Michele
  • Gary Waddell as Cajun Pilot
  • Andrea Leon as Nurse
  • Mark Stevens as Man-Thing
  • Shannon Leonard as School Boy




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