The Man Who Had Power Over Women
The Man Who Had Power Over Women
Directed By John Krish
Written By Chris Bryant, Allan Scott
Cast Rod Taylor, Carol White, James Booth, Charles Korvin
Produced By Judd Bernard
Film Editing By Thom Noble
Cinematography By Gerry Turpin
Music By Johnny Mandel

Kettledrum Films


United Kingdom



Release Date

October 15, 1970


89 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

AVCO Embassy



  • Rod Taylor as Peter Reaney
  • Carol White as Jody Pringle
  • James Booth as Val Pringle
  • Penelope Horner as Angela Reaney
  • Charles Korvin as Alfred Felix
  • Alexandra Stewart as Frances
  • Keith Barron as Jake Braid
  • Clive Francis as Barry Black
  • Marie-France Boyer as Maggie
  • Magali Noel as Mrs Franchetti
  • Geraldine Moffat as Lydia Blake
  • Wendy Hamilton as Mary Gray
  • Ellis Dale as Norman
  • Philip Stone as Angela's Father
  • Matthew Booth as Mark Pringle
  • Sara Booth as Sarah Pringle
  • Virginia Clay as Mrs Pringle
  • Jimmy Jewel as Mr Pringle
  • Diana Chance as Stripper
  • Patrick Durkin as Herbie
  • Paul Farrell as Reaney's Father
  • Geoffrey Hughes as Policeman
  • Valerie Leon as Glenda
  • Ruth Trouncer as Mrs Gray



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