Man of Tai Chi
Man of Tai Chi
Directed By Keanu Reeves
Written By Michael G. Cooney
Cast Keanu Reeves, Tiger Chen, Karen Mok, Simon Yam
Produced By Lemore Syvan, Daxing Zhang
Film Editing By Derek Hui
Cinematography By Elliot Davis
Music By Chan Kwong-wing

Village Roadshow Pictures Asia, Dalian Wanda Group, China Film Group, Universal Studios


China, United States


Mandarin, Cantonese, English

Release Date

July 5, 2013


105 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Roadshow Entertainment, China Film Group, Radius-TWC, Universal Pictures, Entertainment One

Budget $25,000,000
Gross $5,421,632



  • Tiger Chen as Tiger Chen Linhu
  • Keanu Reeves as Donaka Mark
  • Karen Mok as Sun Jing Shi
  • Simon Yam as Superintendent Wong
  • Ye Qing as Qing Sha
  • Yu Hai as Master Yang
  • Sam Lee as Tak Ming
  • Michael Tong as Policeman Yuan
  • Iko Uwais as Gilang Sanjaya



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