Mannequin Two: On the Move
Mannequin Two On the Move
Directed By Stewart Raffill
Written By Edward Rugoff, David Isaacs, Michael Gottlieb, Ken Levine, Betsy Israel
Cast Kristy Swanson, William Ragsdale, Meshach Taylor
Produced By Edward Rugoff
Film Editing By Joan E. Chapman, John Rosenman
Cinematography By Larry Pizer
Music By David McHugh

Gladden Entertainment


United States



Release Date

May 17, 1991


95 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

20th Century Fox, MGM

Budget $13,000,000
Gross $3,752,428


A thousand years or so in the not-so-impressive kingdom of Hauptmann-Koeing, the dashing Prince William fell in love with a lovely peasant girl, Jessie. However, his royal mother was far less than thrilled with their romance and plotted with her court magician Spretzle to destroy it. Together, they tricked William into giving Jessie a cursed necklace. The necklace transformed her into a wooden statue for a thousand years or until her true love from another land could remove it; whatever came first.

Nearly a thousand years later, Jessie has become a cultural icon known as "The Enchanted Peasant Girl" in Hauptmann-Koeing. In a vain attempt to boost tourism in their country; the royal family has sent their Enchanted Peasant Girl mannequin to tour at the Prince & Co. Philadelphia department store.

Secretly, Count Spretzle, the modern-day descendant of the Court Magician is plotting to take possession of the medieval girl once the thousand year deadline is up and she reanimates as his bride; along with the royal jewels being loaned to Prince & Co. to fund his retirement to Bermuda.

As a public relations move, the overly flamboyant and newly promoted Hollywood Montrose is assigned the task of conducting an artistic presentation celebrating Hauptmann-Koeing. Prince & Co.'s fussbudget manager, Mr. James has assigned a new intern, Jason Williamson to help as Hollywood's assistant.

A hopeless romantic, Jason falls head over heels with a promotional picture of the beautiful mannequin. Shortly afterwards, he and Hollywood learn that the delivery truck with the artifacts shipped from Hauptmann-Koeing has been in an accident. Driving out to the scene, Jason sees a female figure falling into the river from the truck and he impulsively jumps in to save her only to discover belatedly that it was merely the mannequin. Taking the Enchanted Peasant Girl back to Prince & Co., Jason tries to clean her up and inadvertently removes the necklace which breaks the spell and restoring Jessie back to life.

Jessie immediately fixates on Jason who is the spitting image of Prince William and they begin a whirlwind overnight romance. Unfortunately, the next morning Jessie redons the necklace which recurses her into a mannequin leaving Jason heart broken and unaware of how she returned to life, much less how to bring her back. Unsure of what to do, Jason takes the mannequin Jessie back to Prince & Co. where Count Spretzle has arrived to take charge of security.

Hollywood sends off Jason to do some errands and admiring Jessie's necklace, takes it off to try it on himself which turns him into a statue. Restored back to life, a confused Jessie tours Prince & Co. in an attempt to find Jason. Meanwhile, the three dim henchmen of Count Spretzle have come to guard the girl and find only the statue of Hollywood with the necklace on and removes it to reprimand him. But Hollywood is left too bewildered and confused afterwards by his transformation to understand what just happened and the trio belatedly realize that the mannequin is missing and rush out to find her. The three henchmen stumble across the alive Jessie who recognizes them and runs away to their stunned amazement.

Meanwhile Jason finds the still dazed Hollywood who he proceeds to confess about Jessie coming to life and his and Jessie's date last night. Much to Jason's surprise, Hollywood believes him having experienced this before and they immediately try to find her.

Spretzle is dismayed when his henchmen report that the girl is not only alive but someone has removed the necklace. Spotting Jason, he recognizes him as being a reborn Prince William and tries to have his rival eliminated. Pursued by the three henchmen, Jessie is forced to flee and takes refuge at Jason's home where unfortunately Spretzle has tracked her down and forces the necklace back on her, turning her back to a mannequin. Afterwards, Spretzle accuses Jason of trying to steal his country's property and when Jason tries to defend himself, his claims of Jessie coming to life is immediately dismissed by the police who arrest him. Jason however sees the necklace back on Jessie and realizes that it is the source of the curse but is unable to convince anyone to remove it.

After spending the night in lockup, Hollywood masquerading as a Marine Staff Sergeant manages to bluff the police officers into releasing Jason into his custody so that he can be court martialed. Sneaking back into Prince & Co. in the midst of the presentation, Jason openly removes the cursed necklace, restoring Jessie to life in front of hundreds of spectators. An enraged Spretzle kidnaps Jessie and escapes in a hot air balloon. Jason manages to grab onto a rope attached to the basket and they struggle when Jessie picks up the necklace and in a fit of inspiration, puts it on Spretzle turning him into a mannequin. Both Jason and Jessie tearfully embrace and accidentally knock over the Spretzle statue out of the basket where it falls to the pavement, smashing it into pieces.

Even as the newly married couple of Jason and Jessie depart on their honeymoon; back in Hauptmann-Koeing, the badly glued together mannequin of Count Spretzle is now the centerpiece and the new cultural icon of the country.


  • Kristy Swanson as Jessie
  • William Ragsdale as Jason Williamson / Prince William
  • Meshach Taylor as Hollywood Montrose
  • Terry Kiser as Count Gunther Spretzle / the Court Magician
  • Stuart Pankin as Mr. James
  • Cynthia Harris as Mrs. Williamson / the Queen
  • Andrew Hill Newman as Andy Ackerman



Mannequin 2: On The Move was released on March 17, 1991 in 1,540 theaters nationwide. Despite the fact that it had little competition and was one of the few movies debuting that weekend, it only came in 8th place and dropped to 16th place by the next. Both the critics and audience viewed it as "one of the worst sequels ever made" and it only grossed $3,752,428 in the box office revenues compared to its budget of $13,000,000 making it a commercial failure as well.

The Rotten Tomatoes website gave it a 17% "Rotten" approval rating. The movie has been released on video tape separately and has been paired together with the original and more popular Mannequin movie in DVD releases.