Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Master and Commander
Directed By Peter Weir
Screenplay By Peter Weir, John Collee
Cast Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany, James D'Arcy, Billy Boyd
Produced By Duncan Henderson, Peter Weir, Samuel Goldwyn Jr.
Film Editing By Lee Smith
Cinematography By Russell Boyd
Music By Richard Tognetti, Iva Davies, Christopher Gordon

Universal Pictures, Miramax Films,


United Kingdom, Australia, United States



Release Date

November 14, 2003


138 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

20th Century Fox

Budget $150,000,000
Gross $212,011,111
Based on Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian



  • Russell Crowe as Captain Jack Aubrey
  • Paul Bettany as Dr. Stephen Maturin
  • James D'Arcy as First Lieutenant Thomas Pullings
  • Edward Woodall as Second Lieutenant William Mowett
  • Chris Larkin as Captain Howard
  • Max Pirkis as Lord William Blakeney
  • Robert Pugh as John Allen
  • Richard McCabe as Mr. Higgins
  • Ian Mercer as Mr. Hollar
  • Tony Dolan as Mr. Lamb
  • David Threlfall as Preserved Killick
  • Billy Boyd as Barrett Bonden
  • Bryan Dick as Joseph Nagle
  • Joseph Morgan as William Warley
  • George Innes as Joe Plaice
  • William Mannering as Michael Doudle
  • Patrick Gallagher as Awkward Davies
  • Alex Palmer as Nehemiah Slade
  • Mark Lewis Jones as Mr. Hogg
  • John DeSantis as Padeen Colman
  • Ousmane Thiam as Black Bill
  • Konstantine Kurelias as Young Sponge
  • Thierry Segall as Captain of the Acheron
  • Aidan Black as Private Trollope
  • Sebastian Grubb as Jemmy Ducks



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