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The Memory Thief
The Memory Thief
Directed By Gil Kofman
Written By Gil Kofman
Cast Mark Webber, Rachel Miner, Peter Jacobson, Jerry Adler
Produced By Gil Kofman, Amy Ziering, Marika Van Adelsburg
Film Editing By Curtiss Clayton
Cinematography By Richard Rutkowski
Music By Ted Reichman

United States



Release Date

July 12, 2007


95 Minutes

Distributed By

Seventh Art Releasing



  • Mark Webber as Lukas
  • Rachel Miner as Mira
  • Jerry Adler as Mr. Zweig
  • Allan Rich as Zvi Birnbaum
  • Peter Jacobson as Mr. Freeman
  • Douglas Spain as Dominic
  • Stella Hudgens as Amanda
  • Carlos Gomez as Amanda's Father
  • Karen Landry as Mother
  • Mary Pat Gleason as Hospital Patient
  • Richard Riehle as Judaica Store Clerk
  • Carlucci Weyant as Chris



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