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The Monolith Monsters
The Monolith Monsters
Directed By John Sherwood
Written By Robert M. Fresco, Jack Arnold
Screenplay By Robert M. Fresco, Norman Jolley
Cast Grant Williams, Lola Albright, Les Tremayne, Phil Harvey
Produced By Howard Christie
Film Editing By Patrick McCormack
Cinematography By Ellis W. Carter
Music By Henry Mancini, Irving Getz, Herman Stein




Release Date

December 1957


77 Minutes

Distributed By

Universal Pictures



  • Grant Williams as Dave Miller
  • Lola Albright as Cathy Barrett
  • Les Tremayne as Martin Cochrane
  • Trevor Bardette as Professor Arthur Flanders
  • Phil Harvey as Ben Gilbert
  • William Flaherty as Police Chief Dan Corey
  • Harry Jackson as Dr. Steve Hendricks
  • Richard H. Cutting as Dr. E.J. Reynolds
  • Linda Scheley as Ginny Simpson
  • Dean Cromer as Highway Patrolman
  • Steve Darrell as Joe Higgans



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