Monty Python's Life of Brian
Monty Python's Life of Brian
Directed By Terry Jones
Written By Monty Python
Cast Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, John Cleese, Michael Palin
Produced By John Goldstone
Film Editing By Julian Doyle
Cinematography By Peter Biziou
Music By Geoffrey Burgon

HandMade Films


United Kingdom



Release Date

August 17, 1979


94 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Cinema International Corporation, Orion Pictures, Warner Bros.

Budget $4,000,000
Gross $20,045,115



  • Graham Chapman as Brian, Biggus Dickus, 2nd Wise Man
  • John Cleese as Reg, Centurion of the Yard, Deadly Dirk, Arthur, 1st Wise Man
  • Terry Gilliam as Blood and Thunder Prophet, Geoffrey, Gaoler, Frank
  • Eric Idle as Mr Cheeky, Stan/Loretta, Harry the Haggler, Otto, Mr Frisbee III
  • Terry Jones as Mandy, Colin, Simon the Holy Man, Saintly Passer-by, Bob Hoskins
  • Michael Palin as Mr Big Nose, Francis, Mrs A, Ben, Pontius Pilate, Boring Prophet, Eddie, Nisus Wettus, 3rd Wise Man
  • Kenneth Colley as Jesus Christ
  • Neil Innes as A Weedy Samaritan
  • Gwen Taylor as Mrs Big Nose, Woman with Sick Donkey, Young Girl
  • Terence Baylor as Gregory, Dennis
  • Carol Cleveland as Mrs Gregory, Elsie
  • Charles McKeown as Stig, Blind Man, False Prophet, Giggling Guard
  • Chris Langham as Alfonso, Giggling Guard
  • Sue Jones-Davies as Judith Iscariot
  • John Young as Matthias
  • Bernard McKenna as Stoner's Helper, Parvus
  • Spike Milligan as Spike
  • George Harrison as Mr Papadopoulos