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Mr. Jingles
Mr Jingles
Directed By Tommy Brunswick
Written By Todd Brunswick
Cast Kelli Jensen, Rudy Hatfield, John Anton, Jessica Hall
Produced By Tommy Brunswick, Todd Brunswick
Film Editing By Todd Brunswick, Leo Pacman
Cinematography By Todd Brunswick
Music By T.J.

James Souva


Crossbow 5 Entertainment, T&T Productions


United States



Release Date

July 18, 2006


80 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Lions Gate Entertainment



  • Karen Turner as Mrs. Randall
  • Dave Cunningham as James Randall
  • Rudy Hatfield as Mr. Jingles
  • Kelli Jensen as Angie Randall
  • Chris Peters as Bill Guiness
  • Tom Reeser as Mayor Baines
  • Jon Manthei as Doctor Rudolph
  • Nicole Majdali as Helen Jameson
  • Chrissy Reeser as Mayor's Assistant
  • Doug Kolbicz as Chris
  • Nathanial Ketchum as Dylan Jameson
  • Heather Doba as Melanie Guiness
  • Brian Zoner as Curtis
  • Jessica Hall as Heidi Jameson



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