Mr. Nice Guy
Mr. Nice Guy1997
Directed By Sammo Hung
Written By Edward Tang, Ma Fibe
Cast Jackie Chan, Richard Norton, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, Miki Lee
Produced By Leonard Ho, Chua Lam
Film Editing By Peter Cheung
Cinematography By Raymond Lam
Music By Clarence Hui, Peter Kam, J. Peter Robinson

Hong Kong


English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Release Date

January 31, 1997


101 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Golden Harvest



  • Jackie Chan as Jackie
  • Richard Norton as Giancarlo
  • Miki Lee as Miki
  • Karen McLymont as Lakeisha
  • Gabrielle Fitzpatrick as Diana
  • Vince Poletto as Romeo
  • Barry Otto as Baggio
  • Sammo Hung as Cyclist
  • Emil Chau as Ice Cream Vendor
  • Joyce Godenzi as Cook Show Audience
  • Peter Houghton as Richard
  • Peter Lindsay as Grank
  • David No as Victor
  • Rachel Blakely as Sandy
  • Aaron Notarfrancesco as Sanny
  • Jake Notarfrancesco as Nancy
  • Lynne Murphy as Babysitter



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