Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
Mrs Parker and the Vicious Circle
Directed By Alan Rudolph
Written By Randy Sue Coburn, Alan Rudolph
Cast Jennifer Jason Leigh, Lili Taylor, Campbell Scott
Produced By Robert Altman
Music By Mark Isham

Miramax Films


United States



Release Date

September 7, 1994


126 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Fine Line Features

Budget $7,000,000
Gross $2,144,667



  • Jennifer Jason Leigh as Dorothy Parker
  • Campbell Scott as Robert Benchley
  • Martha Plimpton as Jane Grant
  • Sam Robards as Harold Ross
  • Lili Taylor as Edna Ferber
  • James LeGros as Deems Taylor
  • Nick Cassavetes as Robert Sherwood
  • David Thornton as George S. Kaufman
  • Tom McGowan as Alexander Woollcott
  • Chip Zien as Franklin Pierce Adams
  • Gary Basaraba as Heywood Broun
  • Jane Adams as Ruth Hale
  • Matt Malloy as Marc Connelly
  • Rebecca Miller as Neysa McMein
  • Jake Johannsen as John Peter Toohey
  • David Gow as Donald Ogden Stewart
  • Leni Parker as Beatrice Kaufman
  • J.M. Henry as Harpo Marx
  • Jennifer Beals as Gertrude Benchley
  • Peter Benchley as Frank Crowninshield
  • Matthew Broderick played Charles MacArthur
  • Keith Carradine as Will Rogers
  • Amelia Campbell as Mary Brandon Sherwood
  • Jon Favreau as Elmer Rice
  • Peter Gallagher as Alan Campbell
  • Malcolm Gets as F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Heather Graham as Mary Kennedy Taylor
  • Andrew McCarthy as Edwin Pond Parker II
  • Gisele Rousseau as Polly Adler
  • Randy Lowell as Alvan Barach
  • Stephen Baldwin as Roger Spalding
  • Gwyneth Paltrow as Paula Hunt
  • Wallace Shawn as Horatio Byrd
  • Evan Bailey as Paul Ryan